1. EgSleeper

    NEW LOOK Sage Grey EK

    New look, same car….Klutch lookin Avid wheels wit some tint ✅
  2. EgSleeper

    97 Ek Hatch 99-00 Conversion *NEW COLOR Sage Grey*

    New to the community, trying to check out some other cars on the site & share some of my own as well… This is just the daily little single jingle, lowered on some eBay no name full coils (surprisingly rides pretty good) with some black Rota Slips Picked up the vehicle pretty beat up and fairly...
  3. terry_em1

    Terry’s EM1 project

    For the past 4 years, I’ve been driving a Fit. 1.5 VTEC with some bling bits ;) Just before the end of 2021, I bought myself an EM1, which belonged to a good friend that unfortunately passed away. Sickened seeing it sit and rot, I made the decision to restore it and give it the love it...
  4. 2000sirspec

    Honda/Momo steering wheel identification

    So about a year ago I bought my 97 hatch and the car had some rare parts. One was the honda/momo steering wheel. I have searched many times and never got a good answer from picture match ups, close but not exact. Recently I removed the steering wheel to put on my 00 hatch. Removed the center...
  5. N

    WTB Tegiwa Kevlar Intake Elbow or...

    Im looking to buy Tegiwa Kevlar Intake Elbow in good condition. :nice: Must ship to Portugal . Or Spoon version on last case ...
  6. A

    Ej9 = ?

    Hi there! I've been a Honda fanboy for the longest time and I finally got myself a car and I'm in love with it: '97 Honda Civic ej9 1.4i S It's as stock as it can be, so I've been looking for parts to change here and there but I've noticed I can't find much, so I wanted to ask if this...
  7. AjaxGixx

    Planning to rebuild a B16

    Good day everyone, after 270.000 kilometers, I'm planning to rebuild my B16A2. My optimistic vision wants to build an affordablish engine with the power of a spicy B16B, or maybe, near to a B18C (I know will not be the same thing, but...). Even so I want to put an LSD and I'am a little bit...
  8. S

    Front Brake Calipers locking on after driving?

    Hey all, So i recently bought a 99 ej9, and was told the caliper was seizing, replaced it all was good. Then the other caliper started seizing, so i then took it off and also replaced the disc. and went and changed the disc on the other side too. So now with 4 new pads, 2 new discs and 2 new...
  9. Matth1234

    civic barn find d14a8 90bhp

    Hi guys, not a civic or even a honda guy myself, but I have a barn find civic in my possession, very very clean... been kept in a sealed barn on an old dairy farm. I couldn't find any rust whatsoever! It's on 46683 miles and was owned by an elderly woman who died in 2016. Its the 1.4 90bhp d14a8...
  10. scrub

    Double Din radio dash

    Hello, I’m looking to find a double din console for my ej9. There’s one on eBay but it’s €500... Any help at all would be hugely appreciated. Thanks
  11. A

    Honda Civic EK Parts Needed!!!

    Hi all, Hope everyone is well during these times - I'm new to the forum and in need of some Honda Civic EK Parts and thought some of you guys can help or got links to the right people I own a Honda Civic EK4 and looking for parts looking for OEM original parts only in mint condition with no...
  12. Teeky_JDM

    Honda Civic EG6 SiR 2 - JDM - Build / Project / Restoration / Restomod / Resurrection / Bare shell rebuild / Nut & bolt Restoration

    My previous build threads : * * Follow me on Instagram : @T33KYG @StreetRacersMedia ____________________________________________ I've had a...
  13. Bswappedkid

    Righthand drive EK9 red carpet, prefacelift headlights!, rear bumper lip!

    Looking to buy a near to mint ek9 carpet, prefacelift headlights and rear bumper lip! pm me please!!!
  14. Adamek4sir

    My new 2000 ek4 sir 2 jdm import

    Bought this gem recently Honda civic Ek4 sir ii Every factory extra Modulo sideskirts wheels and exhaust (honda optional factory extras Only 140000km 2nd owner in Ireland Mint condition inside n out
  15. Evandranzo

    Looking to buy an ek9

    I love Honda's, I have an 05 Accord, things a tank. I'm interested in the more fuel efficient, more fun, ek9. I wanna spend no more than 4k I live in Pennsylvania. I'd trade the Accord toward a ek9 160k miles, damaged quarter panel, left doors are a little damaged, damaged front bumper. 30%...
  16. Teeky_JDM

    Teeky's MB6 VTI-S Build Thread *** PIC HEAVY ***

    Hi guys, I've recently purchased my Civic MB6 VTI-S. I used to be a member of before I had my license, time to finally make a thread. All of the cars I've owned have been Japanese Instagram @T33KYG Anyways I wasn't really much a fan of the MB6, until one day I came across a...
  17. Teeky_JDM

    Civic Jordan 265

    Here is my previous Civic Jordan #265 Instagram @T33KYG Honda Civic Jordan EK4 1.6 VTI 265/500 SPEC: ENGINE: Original B16A2 5Zigen JASMA 4-2-1 Manifold 2.5” collector Dummy Cat (DECAT) Genuine Spoon B pipe Genuine Spoon N1 Tailpipe Genuine Spoon N1 Bung Carbon Kevlar Whales ***** Intake...
  18. Samin

    A Toyota Fanboy Breaking Bad.

    Hi! I've always been a Toyota fan and over the years I've tasted many of the wonderful flavours they come in. I've currently settled for a Supra and a Soarer but the dark side of me has always longed for a Honda. After submitting to the darkness, hell was unleashed on my driveway in the form...
  19. nav_ee9

    Civic EE9 / EF Restoration Project

    After owning a few hondas in the past iv recently been enjoying my daily diesel Seat leon BTCC which ticks most of the boxes and to be honest i was out of the honda scene for a short while and wasnt planing on looking back! Untill one day a friend told me he knew someone who had a 'box' shaped...
  20. Eoin_CTR98

    New CTR 1998 Owner

    Hello everyone, My name is Eoin from Ireland. I only recently purchased my first (project/track) car last new pride and joy is a 1998 CTR with a 1996 B18c up front. The car had recently only been fully resprayed with zero dents and the engine was only rebuilt 5000 km's ago...