1. Rkelly

    Y56 EK9 For Sale, P/X

    Please remove if this is not aloud (for sale soon). item: Y56 Honda Civic EK9 Type-R Location: Northern Ireland Reputation: Condition 7/10 Price £6900 PX value 7K (final price will be set 23/24 July) Description Looking to gauge interest &...
  2. vsixdesign

    EM1 EBP Si

    Hi all - I've owned Honda Civics since the 70s and do hope to own an EK9 in the near future. My first 3 were all 1st generation hatchbacks and 1 was a red-orange CVCC 5 speed, the equivalent of the Type R of its day (53hp! woohoo!) As of now I own an Electron Blue Pearl 1999 Honda Civic Si #2...
  3. Stuarty27

    Ek9 steering wheel help

    Hi all, new to the forum as I was on the Jordan one before but that has since closed down. Basically I've got an EK9 SRS momo steering wheel which I wanted to fit to my civic Jordan, normally not a big deal, however, this wheel has the hub missing and the ek4/Jordan steering wheel hub can't be...
  4. E

    Need help...

    Building a Ek from scratch, first build honestly, and trying to figure out where to begin.
  5. terribleoness

    B16A2/EJ9 power steering issue

    Hi guys, Relatively urgent one this, got an MOT on Monday. I've been searching through the forum to find something that'll help me with this but I'm not having much luck. Ive got an B16A2 engine in an EJ9, with an EJ9 steering rack still fitted. The whole power steering system has been pretty...
  6. Ek3honda

    Engine bay detailing

    Hi guys, New to the forum, been watching different builds on this but decided to join today. I have an ek3 civic in white and I was just wondering if anyone may know a paint code for the colour in this picture (the blue/green colour in engine bay) I plan to do something like photo to mine ...
  7. Jake Renton

    Quick question on my Ek9?

    Hello, after a couple of months of having my Ek9 relatively loud, I want to go quiet again. So I'm looking for some quick advise on gasket sizes, I am having to order them online (Tegiwa) as no garage around me stocks import car parts. So, I'm needing a gasket from the: - manifold to the...
  8. B

    Low comp. B16b turbo

    Hello fellas, new member here. I know this has been talked about in the past but I am looking for a little insight on this topic. I'll start with some background info. I have a 1998 civic lx with a b16b engine and transmission. The car is currently not on the road so I'might in no rush. The...
  9. Jake Renton

    Questions about my Ek9

    Hello all :)) I've got a couple questions hopefully you guys can help me with! Being as this is my first Honda I thought theres no better place to come to for help than;):please: Okay so when I picked up the car it came with a remote locking system, (a cheap aftermarket one, I'm...
  10. AlenSK

    Honda Civic EK3 from Macedonia.

    Hello, this is my Civic EK3 96' 1.5iLS VTEC. Project 2015 - 2016. New hood EK9 Style.
  11. Coltje

    Civic ej9 2000 Hi guys, new to the forums. This is how my ride sits now. Its a 1.4 iS 2000 model. Will post more pictures soon!
  12. balut

    Post & comment our laps at the Nurburgring Nordscheife

    Hi everybody! Last summer I spent my vacations at the Nurburgring with my EG6 K20, here you have a recorded lap, if you have been there too it would be great to share all the videos and discuss and talk about the driving, specs of each car, time laps... Here you have my 8:10:
  13. Mase_Civx

    Hi from a French guy ! :)

    Hi everybody ! I'm a French guy and I've a 1999 Civic EK4 ! Sadly it's not an EK9, for sure .. ahah This is my 3rd honda, I had an EG4 for a very brief time a few years ago then I had an EG5 and now I'm driving this EK4. The first years I drove it, it was my daily car but I've done my first...
  14. BuiltByJai

    My *GREY* ej build

    Whats good everyone im new to the forum, just purchased my first ej9, currently own a Toyota Glanza and a Nissan Sunny GTi.
  15. JamieVtec12

    Random Red button in ek

    Hello all I am just wondering if anyone has any information about this red button? It sits just to the right hand if the steering wheel next to the launch control button for the Omex rev limiter.. I will take photos tomorow. Cheers
  16. J

    Josh's K24 EK Track car

    Hi all, decided to make a build thread on here as the other civic forums I used to go on seem dead now. always liked this forum after lingering for a good while. I usually just post my things on instagram but its not the same as a proper build log to look back on. Ive owned a fair few hondas...
  17. L

    Tell me about the EK9/EJ9 Civics

    First off, I am a complete Honda noob, so please forgive my ignorance. I currently drive an E38 1999 BMW 740i and I am looking for something more tune-friendly. Specifically a 6th gen Civic hatchback. Question #1: EK9 Civic's are only Type-R and only in Japan, correct? And here in the United...
  18. kilo1onedelta

    The EK9 is alive!

    So after the poor thing sat on the driveway day in day out for over 12 months, it has finally come round to her being able to stretch her legs and go hunting. This video shows her much needed awakening! Plenty more vids on the way, I hope you enjoy YouTube: The Ek9 Awakens Reece Powell
  19. T_fozzy

    Honda Civic EJ9 1.4 Rebuild 19/02/16

    ---- Honda Civic EJ9 1.4 Rebuild started 19.02.2016 After purchasing my Ej9 one year ago i slowly modified it whilst using it as a daily, i managed to get it a standard that i was happy with. Through the year the car started to get rusty (common places) so gave them a temp fix but that...
  20. King Sir

    Who would make up stickers/Decals for me? Decals

    Want some decals/stickers made up an cant find anyone. Found one fella an hes too lazy to make em see he wont get back to a load a ppl either so hes just lazy Lol. Anyone want the challenge? Faily easy ones that i want made up :) Iv emailed sticker companies an didnt even get a reply.... Ffs