1. Emilio Vasquez

    Engine Knocking/Help! B16B engine.

    Hi. I have a B16B engine in my 2000 Honda Civic si. I bought it from a guy near my area 3 months ago due to a guy hitting my Mitsubushi Lancer. Recently, I almost ran out of oil the other day and notices my engine is making some kind of noise from the head. Apparently it's called "Engine...
  2. Thomas Mcinally

    Civic EJ9 rear disc conversion - need answers!

    Before you read this and tell me to look elsewhere, I know there are other threads about rear disc conversions but I need a 100% clear answer. I'm looking to soon change my rear drums to discs on my EJ9 but this is the first time I've ever done anything like this so I need some help, how...
  3. pr0gre551ve

    WTB: Cusco roll cage (CIVIC 96-00, 3dr)

    YO! want to buy a 6-points roll cage by Cusco. 4 points may be welcomed 2. Can be new* or 2.nd hand.. can have some scratches, but please just make sure that is not damaged! Chromoly material only. -Offers please contact me with PM or