Apr 22, 2011
Please remove if this is not aloud (for sale soon).

item: Y56 Honda Civic EK9 Type-R
Location: Northern Ireland
Reputation: https://www.ek9.org/index.php?threads/rkelly.63538/
Condition 7/10
Price £6900 PX value 7K (final price will be set 23/24 July)

Looking to gauge interest & just a heads up post that my genuine Y56 EK9 will be coming up for sale soon. Regrettably.

I've bought an Evo X & now have an itch to buy myself a 180SX, AE86, S14 Etc. to replace the 9. Ideally looking a straight swap or small cash either way.

So the car is a 1999 Civic Type-R in the increasingly rare Y56.

Car has been SORN for two years now since I moved to Scotland.

Can get an MOT put on for buyer if required as all the car ever needed was headlight adjustments, rear fog & exhaust changed.

Current mileage is sitting around 95/100k.

I don't have any service history with the car but have maintained it myself for the last 3 and a half years, since getting ownership (can also have this done prior to buyer collection if requested. By myself or garage).

I'll list a few spec items now.

Standard EK9 Red/Black interior (rear is currently stripped but will be replaced for buyer or all parts supplied if you want this left as is)

DC2 Rails

S2000 Dials

Momo sports steering wheel

Front and Rear Strut braces

Full Apexi N1 Under-Axle exhaust system (rare system, sits quite low but looks gorgeous. Car also comes with an MOT friendly exhaust system)

Meister-R Zeta R Coilovers (covered roughly 4/500 miles max)

Brand new driveshafts about 600miles ago. New lower ball joints at the same time

4.7FD S80 box

All new MTEC discs and pads 600miles ago

Rear light seals replaced (common annoyance)

New EK9 headlights put on the car before the car was off the road.

Wind Deflectors (opaque black)

Matt Black Rota slips (also have a full set of the standard rims that will come with the car)

Whale intake

Spoon manifold (never confirmed this)

The rear interior of the car has been sprayed whilst most the interior was stripped.

New rear and side genuine Type-R stickers

Any spares I have in the house will also come with this as I will have no use for them

There will be pieces I've forgot to add there but I will add more as time goes on.

Some bad points now

The car has a crack in the paint above the driver side door

The engine bay rocker cover could do with a repaint.

No service history but I will stand by the car as it never missed a beat.

The driver rear arch developed a spot of rust which was temporarily filled before I moved away.

The VTEC is addictive and you will harm the environment
Red Honda badges could be doing with replacements they're a bit faded

(Again I will add more if needed)

I am currently in Scotland and the car is located in NI & was previously registered in Southern Ireland.

I'm home 22nd July and will fully assess the car and answer any queries to the best of my ability between now and then.

There is no 'set' price as yet until I give the car a thorough inspection.

I will accept P/X however as mentioned above, only for a RWD motor of similar value. Feel free to offer! Worst I can say is no, thanks.

I know I've missed loads. I will tidy it up as time continues and add more pics

All being well the car will be available between 18th-27th August as this is when the car will be tidied fully & I'll be in Ireland.

PS This car is only advertised on this forum... I do not want this car to be ruined, please let it go to an enthusiast.!

Many thanks,


Looks like photobucket is not working. Can you take some more photos of the car, especially of the 'issues' and upload them to dropbox or google drive ?

thanks mate!
Any chances in getting some detailed pictures of underneath?
Looks like photobucket is not working. Can you take some more photos of the car, especially of the 'issues' and upload them to dropbox or google drive ?

thanks mate!
Hi bud, sorry about the late reply!!

I can certainly. I'm in Ireland from Saturday so I can post them here no problem. Thanks