1. Rkelly

    Y56 EK9 For Sale, P/X

    Please remove if this is not aloud (for sale soon). item: Y56 Honda Civic EK9 Type-R Location: Northern Ireland Reputation: https://www.ek9.org/index.php?threads/rkelly.63538/ Condition 7/10 Price £6900 PX value 7K (final price will be set 23/24 July) Description Looking to gauge interest &...
  2. R555 DUN

    My 98' Spec JDM DC2 ITR

    So asa very Small few of you know, I've moved on from the EP3, Great car which I do miss, will definitely be back in one some day soon. Was fun to drive but another car came up that took my fancy and I couldn't resist. A (Very Fresh) 1998 Honda Integra Type R DC2. finished in Championship...
  3. Tegs turds

    K24 injectors in b18c?

    So I've recently put some k20a/k24 injectors in my b18c with type r fuel rail. My teg now seems to idle at just over 1.5k revs, if I hit the accelerator the revs climb like they should then drop back down to about 700-800 revs but then climb back up to 1.5k after that and stay there. Car also...
  4. B

    Low comp. B16b turbo

    Hello fellas, new member here. I know this has been talked about in the past but I am looking for a little insight on this topic. I'll start with some background info. I have a 1998 civic lx with a b16b engine and transmission. The car is currently not on the road so I'might in no rush. The...
  5. C

    98 EK9 possibilities ???

    Hi there. im new on here and a realitivly new ek9 owner. looking at making some minor upgrades but as you geussed i need some help. im thinking about up scaling my throttle body and intake manifold, my question is if i do this will i need to get my car tuned or upgrade my ecu. also what will...
  6. B


    I have a b16b that I recently bought and i want to change the timing belt and water pump but i want to make sure if its ok if i purchase the belt and pump for a 99 00 civic si Will it fit perfectly fine?
  7. thunderboy

    2000 EK9 Civic Type-R Facelift Championship White

    Item for sale: 2000 Civic Ek9 Type-R Championship White Reputation: http://www.ek9.org/index.php?threads/thunderboy.34644/ Price: 8,750 GBP Location: South Wales, nr Raglan/Usk Paypal: Gift only, or cash. Civic 2000 Ek9 Type-R. Championship White / NH0 79,000miles B18c (JDM Integra 96 Spec)...