2000 EK9 Civic Type-R Facelift Championship White


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Jan 7, 2009
Item for sale: 2000 Civic Ek9 Type-R Championship White
Reputation: http://www.ek9.org/index.php?threads/thunderboy.34644/
Price: 8,750 GBP
Location: South Wales, nr Raglan/Usk
Paypal: Gift only, or cash.

Civic 2000 Ek9 Type-R.
Championship White / NH0
B18c (JDM Integra 96 Spec).

I've owned this car for several years - originally purchasing from 'Championship White' on this very forum. I used this car frequently in the early portion of my ownership, however as time moved on & circumstances changed I found myself using the car less & less.

In late 2011 I took a job with a commute of ~125 round trip, but with it came a company diesel, so the ek9 didnt see much road miles after this.

In 2012 I took the car around Europe, through Italy and 1 lap of the Nordeschleife before returning home. After which time the car has sat mostly in storage with R-Motion, keeping warm and dry.

Having not used the car apart from the odd 5 mile run to top up with fresh fuel and blow off the cobwebs, I find it surplus to requirements & believe it would be more fitting to be enjoyed by someone more regularly than I have time for.

Interior -
The interior is typical EK9, which the all familiar red carpets & mats. The seats are in good condition with good bolsters and no signs of wear. I added an aging Alpine single-din CD/MP3 player when I originally bought the car - probably doesnt withstand the desires of the modern driver but I dont place too much emphasis on music when driving. The only fault I have in the cabin is the driver's floor mat - the small tether that keeps it in place has frayed & therefore can slide forward gradually over time.​

Exterior -
The car is is clean, and I have yet to have any paintwork carried out through my ownership. There is a stonechip on the leading edge of the bonnet & a scratch on the front splitter that need attention - I would be negotiable on price as it stands, but fully intend to have these issues rectified when time allows. The car has now turned 16, and wears its age with pride & importantly rust is not an issue - having sat inside/dry for many years.​

Mechanically -

Around the same time I stopped using the car, I decided to swap the engine from the charismatic 1600, to gain a little more torque from the B18 found in the Integra. Intending to use the car for more long tours/road trips the B18 would suit better - not having to be stressed at high RPM's during 60mph+ crusing speeds. Though I have yet to really enjoy this engine having not driven many miles since.

The conversation was installed to maintain as near to oem look as possible - with the only glaring difference being the all aluminium half width radiator installed to make sure of enough cooling over the larger capacity engine.

The current brakes installed are ebc yellow stuff pads, in oem calipers wrapping grooved discs up fron and stand solid rotors in the rear.​

Please keep in mind that I am not in a rush to sell, so do not need to take low offers to sell quickly. That being said if you think you can give the car a good home I would be open to negotiation.

I have tried to be as honest as I can about the car. But please, any questions, drop me a line.

Car is available for viewing anytime. Test drives will only be offered on acceptable proof of insurance.

Thanks for looking :)

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Feb 5, 2014
Good to see these finally being advertised at good money.
I'm in the same situation with mine, never use it, but just can't bring myself to get rid as it's great fun.

Anyway, GLWTS!


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Sep 21, 2010
It's still available. Having seen this in the flesh such a clean car. Hope it finds a new home