1. A

    Honda Civic EK Parts Needed!!!

    Hi all, Hope everyone is well during these times - I'm new to the forum and in need of some Honda Civic EK Parts and thought some of you guys can help or got links to the right people I own a Honda Civic EK4 and looking for parts looking for OEM original parts only in mint condition with no...
  2. S

    VTEC engines on Alibaba

    Hi there I'm new to this forum. I don't own an EK9 or any Honda however I'm a big fan and hope to own one. I was just browsing Honda stuff online I stumbled on Honda engines for sale on Alibaba from sellers in Malaysia. are these sellers legit and would it be worth buying engines off there? I'll...
  3. Bswappedkid

    Righthand drive EK9 red carpet, prefacelift headlights!, rear bumper lip!

    Looking to buy a near to mint ek9 carpet, prefacelift headlights and rear bumper lip! pm me please!!!
  4. Teeky_JDM

    Teeky's MB6 VTI-S Build Thread *** PIC HEAVY ***

    Hi guys, I've recently purchased my Civic MB6 VTI-S. I used to be a member of before I had my license, time to finally make a thread. All of the cars I've owned have been Japanese Instagram @T33KYG Anyways I wasn't really much a fan of the MB6, until one day I came across a...
  5. nav_ee9

    Civic EE9 / EF Restoration Project

    After owning a few hondas in the past iv recently been enjoying my daily diesel Seat leon BTCC which ticks most of the boxes and to be honest i was out of the honda scene for a short while and wasnt planing on looking back! Untill one day a friend told me he knew someone who had a 'box' shaped...
  6. A

    compression ratio

    hi all i was looking at 500hp forums for an ek4 and i was curious to know what the best compression ratio is for a b18c4 on the forum the indervidual said that he would not go over a 10-1 or 9-1 on a 500hp motor can someone please if you can inform me on the best cr for daily and track use
  7. civicx3

    Old Honda and Mugen manuals

    Just randomly came across this facebook page where someone has scanned loads of old manuals including Mugen parts, honda access, detailed specs etc etc... Even tells you how they rust proofed the EF, i didnt think they bothered! :D Honda Civic EK, Ferio and Mugen parts...
  8. Araya_Ej6

    Looking For b18c4 engine

    Any one got a b18c4 bottom with crank and pistons? Or a whole engine that has been taken apart? Thanks.
  9. Rkelly

    Y56 EK9 For Sale, P/X

    Please remove if this is not aloud (for sale soon). item: Y56 Honda Civic EK9 Type-R Location: Northern Ireland Reputation: Condition 7/10 Price £6900 PX value 7K (final price will be set 23/24 July) Description Looking to gauge interest &...
  10. JalopnikKat

    I'm Kat, I write about cars, I have a Honda Logo TS

    Howdy, EK9 forum folks, I've been a long, long time reader, as I had an EJ (although we still sort of called it and other such USDM hatchbacks EKs) in the early 2000s, but I had never registered. Eventually it was stripped, I bought a BMW E46, and then when I moved to Japan I was without my own...
  11. Jake Renton

    Quick question on my Ek9?

    Hello, after a couple of months of having my Ek9 relatively loud, I want to go quiet again. So I'm looking for some quick advise on gasket sizes, I am having to order them online (Tegiwa) as no garage around me stocks import car parts. So, I'm needing a gasket from the: - manifold to the...
  12. AlenSK

    Honda Civic EK3 from Macedonia.

    Hello, this is my Civic EK3 96' 1.5iLS VTEC. Project 2015 - 2016. New hood EK9 Style.
  13. Jhangeer

    Honda Civic Replacement Rear Quarter Panel

    Basically looking for a rear passenger side quarter panel I've phoned Euro car parts and they don't have them, any one got a phone number for Honda in Scotland? Or does anyone know where I can buy online. Thanks
  14. BuiltByJai

    My *GREY* ej build

    Whats good everyone im new to the forum, just purchased my first ej9, currently own a Toyota Glanza and a Nissan Sunny GTi.
  15. Camy-rex

    hey guys :)

    so iv been on here for a few months, and only just gettin round to sayin hi :L , located in central scotland iv got a 1990 mk2 crx zc in flint black, gutted out, caged and sittin in the garage :L currently with half and engine and no front end as im planning to put a b16a2 or b18c4 in it, check...
  16. J

    Josh's K24 EK Track car

    Hi all, decided to make a build thread on here as the other civic forums I used to go on seem dead now. always liked this forum after lingering for a good while. I usually just post my things on instagram but its not the same as a proper build log to look back on. Ive owned a fair few hondas...
  17. Camy-rex

    1990 crx zc

    recently joined the site and thought id get a build thread sorted for ma crx :D bought her in February this year. she has a few bits n bobs done already but i have plans to change alot, she still runs a d16a9 at the moment but in time im hoping to swap that out for a b16 as she sits currently...
  18. kilo1onedelta

    The EK9 is alive!

    So after the poor thing sat on the driveway day in day out for over 12 months, it has finally come round to her being able to stretch her legs and go hunting. This video shows her much needed awakening! Plenty more vids on the way, I hope you enjoy YouTube: The Ek9 Awakens Reece Powell
  19. T_fozzy

    Honda Civic EJ9 1.4 Rebuild 19/02/16

    ---- Honda Civic EJ9 1.4 Rebuild started 19.02.2016 After purchasing my Ej9 one year ago i slowly modified it whilst using it as a daily, i managed to get it a standard that i was happy with. Through the year the car started to get rusty (common places) so gave them a temp fix but that...
  20. milano_vtec

    Anyone know what type of wheels are these?

    Hey Guys im been trying to figure out what type of wheels these are the look like the itr 4x114 wheels but the spokes are a bit wider. Attatched are a comparasin of the wheels. Left is the wheel im asking about on the and on the right is the ITR 4x114. Thanks in advance..