1. All parts arrived, ready to be installed

    All parts arrived, ready to be installed

    Items and parts I used for Spoon brake swap: *Spoon twin block calipers for EK4/EK9.. *Spoon inner spacer set *Spoon brake pads *Dixcel type FS rotors "282" 4x100, quite non-standard spec but I decide to keep 4x100 bolt pattern. But you can go with 5x114,3 or whatever you like. *Hel braided lines
  2. ColbyCol

    Various OEM and Aftermarket B Series / EK9 parts for sale

    Item for sale: Genuine OEM EK9 & Aftermarket parts Reputation: Price: As listed below... Paypal?: Yes, buyer covers the fees OR cash on collection but will require a deposit to hold items. Location: Ruislip, NW London Condition: All...
  3. Paddy_typer

    Ek9/dc2 brake servo

    Are ek9 and dc2 brake servos the same
  4. Paddy_typer

    Ek9 to ek4 brake servo

    Will an ek4 brake servo and master cylinder fit and function properly in an ek9?
  5. Paddy_typer

    Brake pedal going hard while driving

    I Recently rebuilt my rear drivers brake callipers in my civic ek9, now while driving my brake pedal goes rock hard putting the car under pressure to brake and causes the car to shudder as the car wants itself to brake even though I do not touch the pedal! Theno after a while it comes free...
  6. L

    Wilwood 4pot 310mm BBK with Separate hubs and rotors

    Item for sale: Wilwood 4pot 310mm BBK with Separate hubs and rotors Reputation: Price: £430 Paypal: yes (Fees covered) Location: Lincolnshire Condition: 9/10 Description: Wilwood 4pot 310mm BBK with Separate hubs and rotors. Fully refurbished...
  7. akeen666

    What brake pads and discs to use

    Would anyone recommend some good brake discs and pads for my build ? Its going to be around 240 bhp and its gonna be used most of the times on roads. Sometimes just some tracks. Ive got 282mm front and 240mm rear discs from Accord Type R.
  8. Vtex

    Shaving ek9/dc2 calipers

    Any one have any pictures of how they had to shave their 282 ITR/CTR etc. front calipers to fit over standard VTI fans or other similar 15" alloys? Vtex
  9. Thomas Mcinally

    Civic EJ9 rear disc conversion - need answers!

    Before you read this and tell me to look elsewhere, I know there are other threads about rear disc conversions but I need a 100% clear answer. I'm looking to soon change my rear drums to discs on my EJ9 but this is the first time I've ever done anything like this so I need some help, how...