1. A

    Ej9 = ?

    Hi there! I've been a Honda fanboy for the longest time and I finally got myself a car and I'm in love with it: '97 Honda Civic ej9 1.4i S It's as stock as it can be, so I've been looking for parts to change here and there but I've noticed I can't find much, so I wanted to ask if this...
  2. S

    Front Brake Calipers locking on after driving?

    Hey all, So i recently bought a 99 ej9, and was told the caliper was seizing, replaced it all was good. Then the other caliper started seizing, so i then took it off and also replaced the disc. and went and changed the disc on the other side too. So now with 4 new pads, 2 new discs and 2 new...
  3. A

    Looking for help

    I’m looking for help, I need to mount bucket seats in my EJ9 and can’t seem to get the rails off the stock seats to work, does anyone know how to do it? Or Does anyone have ek9 seat rails for sale?
  4. Bswappedkid

    Hello there guys! im currently in the progress of doing a b18c4 swap into a ej9! needing help!

    Ok so ive been researching abit i cant afford to forge rightnow but in about 5 months ill have the money for a fully forged build but being as impatient as i am i want to turbo it to have a little fun in the meantime instead of rolling round in a 1.4 :/ i have a precision 4831b and all the...
  5. E


    Hello newbie too all this and aint a mechanic, but I want to transform my 1.4 ej9 auto to manual. does anyone know how hard this will be. is there a forum anywhere? can't I just a manual transmission from a 1.4 and sort of plug n play?
  6. A

    ej9 possible b18c4 swap

    new to tuning and i wondered if i was to get an ej9 which car should i get a b18c4 engine out of and what do i need to do the conversion please post the full list thanks
  7. Old Sunlight hatch

    Old Sunlight hatch

  8. P


    Hi everyone, Im new to this whole forum thing for any car. Im 19 and i own a completely stock civic ej9. i plan in changing that with the help from all of you which i know i will need. Im currently looking at possibly finding a way to fix some of the typical rust i got and then will need a new...
  9. A

    Bee R rev limiter

    Hello everyone. Can i fit bee r rev limiter to civic ej9? It has D14A3 engine. Thanks.
  10. D

    B18C4 Help

    Hello new to the forum so sorry if it's in the wrong place or been posted before just can't find anything on it haha, Bought a B18C4 Engine with a LSD gearbox so it's the S9B. Bought this swap complete from a Aerodeck VTI. Got the driveshafts, ECU, Obviously the engine and the gearbox also the...
  11. terribleoness

    B16A2/EJ9 power steering issue

    Hi guys, Relatively urgent one this, got an MOT on Monday. I've been searching through the forum to find something that'll help me with this but I'm not having much luck. Ive got an B16A2 engine in an EJ9, with an EJ9 steering rack still fitted. The whole power steering system has been pretty...
  12. B

    EJ9 Project car

    hello everyone, ive just brought a ej9 project and ive got a lot of plans for it but im new to the honda scene so i need a bit of help with what im buying i will be doing a engine swap either a B16 or a B18 which one is best? i also will be doing coilovers and other suspension bits, upgrade the...
  13. R555 DUN

    Aftermarket Wing

    Looking to change the boring spoiler on the back of the EJ9. Preferably looking for a Seekers or Spoon, Genuine parts. Please no knock offs or replicas. not bothered at all about the colour, but would prefer vsm, if its a spoon, would like a good condition item, no wear or tear. As usual PM...
  14. LiamSaundersEJ9

    Few things for ej9

    I'm looking for a white badgeless grill, A ek spoiler, and a white plate recess. Any help or directions to get these will be appreciated. Thanks Liam
  15. BuiltByJai

    My *GREY* ej build

    Whats good everyone im new to the forum, just purchased my first ej9, currently own a Toyota Glanza and a Nissan Sunny GTi.
  16. terribleoness

    Another B-Series EJ9

    Hey, newby here but have always lurked the forum on a somewhat frequent basis. This is my first Honda, and it was never intended to be anything more than a run-around when I bought it last August. At the time I was convinced I was gonna totally refresh the MX5 I'd been driving; refurb the...
  17. L

    Tell me about the EK9/EJ9 Civics

    First off, I am a complete Honda noob, so please forgive my ignorance. I currently drive an E38 1999 BMW 740i and I am looking for something more tune-friendly. Specifically a 6th gen Civic hatchback. Question #1: EK9 Civic's are only Type-R and only in Japan, correct? And here in the United...
  18. Jxshy

    rusty ej9... :(

    Sup guys! The time is upon me to think about changing my car already!, I had hoped to hold out until I'm 21 in august before I decided to look for a ek9. However as this car wont pass MOT, I'm having to get rid and look to get the car I really want even sooner! Gave the car a check over the...
  19. GavinEJ9

    Hello all

    Hi guys newbie hear. My name is Gavin I live in the UK. Recently bought a EJ9 1.4i have lots of plans for the girl. Looking forward to getting stuck in with you lot. Going to be trawling the threads, to try and answere a few questions rather than commiting a sin by just post a new thread...
  20. R555 DUN

    My VSM EJ9

    Hi all! Bought my VSM a few years back, sadly she has been sitting for a while, been neglected and ignored as i have little time after work to tinker with the car and as i never got round to getting my license... yet! The car its self, i am the 2nd owner of the car and it is sitting just shy...