1. Goodsport

    Goodsport's EK9 Build

    So this has been at least 12 years in the making, the dream for an EK9 has always been strong. Originally fueled by Gran Turismo and then Racing/Kanjo culture in general. It never really timed right for me to be able to grab one so I'd sort of resigned to it never happening. I had always known...
  2. JDMjunkies.ch

    EK9 OEM HOP Window visor fasteners (plastic rivets)

    I have the original Honda Window visors for my EK9, which i bought many years ago. Unfortunately the dealerhip who installed them back then, messed things up a bit. It was not bad, but i want to fix it now. The main issue is, that they messed up the original fastener plastic rived things. They...
  3. Germax

    Ek9 teyp çerçeve

    Herkese merhabalar, benim aracım 2000 Honda ies makyajlı kasa, aracıma paylaştığım konsoldan takmak istiyorum lakin ülkemiz Türkiyede çok pahalı....
  4. ek9_jamie

    Roof liner sagging

    Hi All. My roof liner is starting sag ever so slightly on the front. It’s nothing extreme to make me think any of the clips are broken but I’m not sure how to handle it. Has anyone has this? Can anyone make suggestions? TIA.
  5. AjaxGixx

    Planning to rebuild a B16

    Good day everyone, after 270.000 kilometers, I'm planning to rebuild my B16A2. My optimistic vision wants to build an affordablish engine with the power of a spicy B16B, or maybe, near to a B18C (I know will not be the same thing, but...). Even so I want to put an LSD and I'am a little bit...
  6. EK9rebuild

    Ek9 Spoon bushing set.

    Hi all, Looking to restore an ek9, wanting to know what is the go too for bushing sets, wanting an OEM feel to it, will be used as a daily and occasional track car. Im currently looking to get a spoon set so was wondering if anyone has them and if they are worth the extra $$$. Any other brand...
  7. JDMjunkies.ch

    Ek9 Seat belt tensioner working very slow

    Hi guys. Not sure if the name of the device is correct. but in my EK9 the seat belts are tensioning / retracting (rolling back in) very slow, once they're pulled out. Is there anything i can adjust or improve here? it's the same on both sides, and im worried i need to replace both tensioners...
  8. ek9_jamie

    Stock EK9 Air Intake

    Hi All, I’m trying to get my hands on a good condition EK9 air intake. If anyone has one for sale, please let me know. Thanks
  9. ek9_jamie

    EK9/DC2 Recaros

    Hi All. I'm after some great condition Recaro SRs from an EK9 or DC2, if you're looking to part ways, I will happily take them off your hands. Thanks all.
  10. ek9_jamie

    Facelift EK9 Rear Lights

    Hi All. I was wondering whether anyone knew the answer to this for certain as I am being told different things. Are the facelift EJ9 and EK9 rear lights the same or are there differences? I was told that the EK9 has a part that is non-reflective which is the key difference but it would be...
  11. ek9_jamie

    Tegiwa Driveshafts

    Hi all. Has anyone used the Tegiwa driveshafts on their EK9? Looking at doing a suspension refresh and obviously the Honda parts are out of production now. TIA
  12. A

    Ek9 cluster and steering wheel

    I'm looking for affordable clean parts,It will be sent to Turkey,I am starting a project that will be the only one in the world :)
  13. Ek_cyp

    1996 Civic Ek2 Conversion

    Hi guys me again :P my childhood dream is this car.as you know,i had posts before about my car.Here is my car last looking. First time when i bought my car.More stuff on my instagram.Thanks guys My car Instagram:@ek_hatchback Here is after paint job and detailing D14A4 Engine Swap...
  14. ek9_jamie

    Genuine EK9 Type R front lip

    Hi All. Does anyone have an EK9 front lip for sale. I’m looking to get my hands on one or if anyone has a recommendation of where to get one?
  15. Dzero4

    Photos from July meet

    Hey guys, thought I'd just share a link of the pictures from yesterday where a few of us met up in the afternoon https://www.flickr.com/photos/dzero4photography/albums/72157715251275257 Hopefully we can do it again next month!
  16. Ahmet Gülderen

    Front And Rear Brembo’s on Ek9

    Hi guys. I need to help. I want to use evo 8 front and rear brembos on my ek9. Anyone have a any idea for it? I have a wilwood brake myster cylinder and proportioning valve and I found a very cheap brembos. How can i use them? Should i used the evo discs? Or s2000 front discs ?
  17. R

    ek9 parts into a ek1

    Car: 3door 97 ek1 cxi Hey guys pretty new to this forum but i have a few questions! sorry if i have posted in the wrong forum but i have some questions regarding the body parts! I am wondering if i can fit ek9 front bumper and rear bumper into my ek1 and since it is 96-98 that means i can...
  18. A

    Looking for a set of floor mats

    After a set of genuine floor mats, hit me up if you have some for sale please
  19. C

    Chassis number of a black Honda civic EK9 Type-R

    Hello guys, I want to get an authentic front grille for my honda civic ej9 and I wish to get the type-R one. The company in my country that import Honda parts require a chassis number of a black honda civic ek9 Type-R. The reason being is that I want the grille in a black colour to match my car...
  20. A

    Door lock problems

    My ek door lock will not lock or open I know how to fix but cannot find the part, it’s the drivers side door, can anyone help? I’m sick of climbing over to get into driver seat!