'98 Pre-facelift Black Ek9

Cool black EK9... Looks like its going to be well spec'd car from the parts you have gathered already!
So the wheels probably look much better in real life than an iPhone

Also landed another set of 16's of Lex's k swapped 9, got them fitted over the weekend...

Couple of photos, the arch gap is awful that is being resolved tomorrow!

Lastly managed to land these at a pretty reasonable price so snapped them up...

These will be fitted along with some skunk arms, whilst it's in bits I'm taking the opportunity to service it, new filters and plugs.

Hoping to get he car stripped right out on my next few days off, give it a good clean up before I put the cage in!
Couple of updates and a fair bit about to happen over the next while... Firstly much over due lowering of the car and arch work... Friend has a pretty amazing garage setup with powered lift so spent the day up there with the car...

Rear done front to go...

Roughly how it sits now, probably a touch too low, but with little movement on the swift springs I don't ever see it hitting the ground, time will tell I suppose.

Did well for time with the help from a friend who had an ek9 before so decided to bite the bullet and fit the cage, still need to tidy up the wiring and trim some little bits but for the most parts it's in...

Loving having one seat in it so may well leave it like this for a while... Practicality at an all time low.

I've booked the car for a full respray for a couple weeks time, the car definitely isn't in bad condition and very clean for the age but there were a few bits that always annoyed me.

Body should be looking pretty fresh come the end of next month, this does mean now is the time for the wider te's I picked up from Matt to be bullied under the body work... Excited to see the results and finish!
I'm sure I've seen this ek going about... she is a beauty. Not a fan of pre facelifts but your one looks great!
The colour is amazing too. Such a clean 9!