Aaron's K20 EK (UPDATED)


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Jun 12, 2011
VSM EJ9 - Sold, Civic Jordan #64 - Sold, 96 Spec DC2 - Sold, VSM EK K20 - Current
It's been a long time since I last bothered to make a build thread or update my builds prior to this to let anyone know what happened to them. For those of you who have been around the site for a while you might remember I first joined the site back when I had my first Civic. It was only a 1.4 EJ9 in Vogue Silver Metallic but I was young and I loved it. I bought it as a standard car minus some awful alloys and set about making it my own, I was just happy to have a base to work with and my first Honda. Fast forward two years and after paying stupid amounts of money on insurance I could finally use the money I would of been paying for that to put towards my next car. Enter Honda number two, this time in the form of a Civic Jordan. As you can imagine I was still only about 21 at the time, working full time and living at home with lots of ideas in my head. Finally something with VTEC, B16a2 but I was over the moon, I saw past the typical rust next to the 'Jordan' logos :blabla: I kept this for around a year, maybe just over? Again I spent lots of money of buying all sorts of parts and deciding I wanted a different set of wheels or a new splitter every other month, it went up for sale and the first person to view it took it away. Number three, enter Honda fan boy time, 96 spec JDM DC2. Bought this one off a very close friend of mine, ill keep it short I ended up rebuilding the whole engine, new gearbox and lots of expensive interior and exterior parts. No expense spared, Recaro Pole Positions, Mugen Gen 1 wing etc, Mugen steering wheel, Te37's etc. I loved that car but I couldnt get my head or heart past the fact I want to go K20 but if im going to do it I wouldnt be tearing apart a clean DC2 even though it wasn't standard everything id done could be easily put back to standard if need be. I bit the bullet and sold it to another close friend of mine and set about looking for another car. Stumbled across a Civic Jordan shell someone semi local was planning to scrap, I took the drive up and put a deposit on it. knowing full well it needed work on the arches etc the plan was to build something over time myself. Had it a fair few months and after gathering parts for the swap and doing bits to the shell here and there, then hit an issue with both inner sills being completely rotten, it was alot more work than I had first anticipated and decided to get rid. I kept the k swap parts and while gathering the remaining parts I was again looking for another Civic, that brings me to this one. Full circle and a few cars later I picked up a bargain, another VSM EJ9. Dirt cheap, body wasn't the best with a few dings here and there and a weird hand print mark in one quarter, it was clean rust wise just the smallest parts of surface here and there.. WINNER.

I can't for the life of me remember what I did first now so ill upload as I find pictures and give an overview or list of what it is you're looking at. Also not uploaded anything since Photobucket threw their toys out the pram so im having to dig photos out and upload them to another host before I share them on here.

First off I managed to get my hands on my old bonnet I had on my first Jordan. The next person to own it had a pin fail and smash their windscreen and of course the bonnet took a hit too but its worth repairing when you know the cost :banned: Js Racing racing carbon bonnet..

DC2 subframe I went to pick up when I had my old Integra

70mm ported RBC with adaptor plate and Skunk2 70mm TB

DC5 Cams
Supertech valve springs/titanium retainers and keepers
45 degree VTC cam gear
Hybrid Racing Tensioner
Tractuff sump baffle
New OEM headgasket, valve stem seals, thermostat, head skim ARP headbolts and new chain fitted.

And how it looks with my new rocker cover and RBC fitted :nice:

EP3 box with OEM DC5 LSD

Volk Style wheels, I know I know but I was using the money to concentrate on making sure the car had the best parts engine and swap wise. These were cheap and will do me for now, I will be back on something cool and genuine as soon as possible!

Set about trying to make the bonnet look a bit more presentable, dont have all the photos to hand so these will have to do. Not perfect by any means but its not a show car..

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Your dc2 was such a tidy example. Shame it had to go. All the best with new project. Coming along nicely.
Your dc2 was such a tidy example. Shame it had to go. All the best with new project. Coming along nicely.
Thanks man I appreciate it, it was a great car but the end goal for this will be mega
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Looking good so far. Don’t think I’d have fancied swapping the engine like that so fair play for managing it! It’s good to see a new build thread on here like you say everything seems to have gone to fb which I don’t have and don’t want so looking forward to seeing this progress.
Looking good so far. Don’t think I’d have fancied swapping the engine like that so fair play for managing it! It’s good to see a new build thread on here like you say everything seems to have gone to fb which I don’t have and don’t want so looking forward to seeing this progress.
Cheers mate, it was a task especially with the drive being at a slight angle but the engine had to go in! Save the Forums, id take the Forum over Facebook anyday. Ill be updating as I go although ive got nothing major planned as of now and im trying to save for a house but ill be around :nice:

Great work man!
I should have painted my bay when the motor was out...
Thanks man! It is worth it, its annoying but im glad I did it and didnt just drop the engine. The way the bay would of been looking around the engine would of annoyed me soo much.

Just a small update, ive got my mind set on having this sprayed in the next couple of years so for now ive been keeping my eye on people selling parts and breaking cars just incase a bargain pops up (saving for a house is hard work). Managed to get my hands on an EK9 rear recess, with the tabs intact which seems to be harder to come by these days and people are asking silly money for ones with broken tabs....



I know to everyone on here who owns an EK9 this comes as standard but ive never landed myself with one only a DC2 plus I wouldnt want to rip one apart at the price they are fetching :lol:

Also had my braided brake lines arrive and a replacement drivers side carrier as somehow the previous owner/s of the brakes managed to strip the thread, didnt take a picture of that though we all know what a carrier looks like. Need to get round to fitting these, just have no motivation right now.


Also had the skirts off to check for any rust and she seems pretty sound! Any rust that I do find will be sorted/treated until it is sprayed, gave it a bit of underseal and she's sweet.




Also started to tuck the headlight harness to make the bay a bit cleaner, only done the passenger side so far because the car is too close to the wall for me to get the wing off etc. Will look a lot neater when it is also done, not one for tucking wires but I do like the look of it as the bay as been sprayed.

De-pinned the plug to pull the wires through



And gone



Thats all for now, as I said I wont be doing massive updates at the moment with saving. Ill still be updating it as I go though and doing bits to the car here and there :nice:
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Looking ace man, be good to see it in person!

Did you just feed the wiring through from the engine bay, or from the inside of the car? I still need to do mines haha
Looking ace man, be good to see it in person!

Did you just feed the wiring through from the engine bay, or from the inside of the car? I still need to do mines haha
Thanks man, it'll be out at some point. Didnt plan for it this year even though we organised a meet :lol: It runs through the inside of the bay out through to behind the wing, already a hole there just push the bung out :nice:

Any updates mate?
Been too busy with work to touch it lately mate, be back on it soon!
Not been doing a lot recently on the car with the nights drawing in and the weather on the decline. Any spare time ive had ive either been consumed by stuff at home or attempting to get out on the car, so first of all ive worked out what I want to do on the rear interior. Made a start on tidying it up a little bit, tucked the interior harness, makes it easier for painting inside and also cleans the interior up a bit.







I still need to tuck the fuel filler cap line out the way but other than that it looks better than before. Its only loose in certain places right now as I want to paint it. Again its having the time to do it especially with it being November its not the best for getting outside in the cold and spraying.

Although im trying to save money, if a bargain comes my way I cant pass it up :lol: A local lad was breaking his EK and had some other parts lying around so I made the trip over to pick up more parts.

DC2 rear ARB, had one of these on my old Jordan and makes such a big difference over the standard ARB.


Carbon fuel pump cover.


Now these he had stored away and didnt want to originally let them go but that soon changed :)) Unfortunately they are reps but im unaware of any genuine sets in the UK or even any/many reps over here. Ganador mirrors, fitment is nice too which is a plus. They are only rested down so ignore any lines which dont follow perfectly, they arent bolted together.


Also decided id had enough of the front grille and wanted an OEM one, I was in talks about getting an EK9 one but a facelift SiR grille popped up and my other half had noticed id been browsing parts and ended up bagging it me for my birthday, WINNER :nice:



It needs to be painted as its currently in primer but I love the look, fitment is of course spot on with it being OEM and ive looked at getting one of these grilles ever since I had my first EK so thats now been ticked off the list.

Thats all for now, as always ill keep it updated as I go and im hoping to have a bit of spare time to attack the paint inside soonish.
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Love the wing mirrors! Staying black or colour code?
Me too man, I like to be a bit different! They will be colour coded, I plan on having the whole car sprayed at some point so right now im just gathering parts and not in too much of a rush to get anything sprayed as of yet :blinx: