Autohaus Detail - Gav's EF9 sir Enhancement Detail


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Sep 18, 2011

Autohaus Detail is a vehicle appearance specialist based in Glasgow (central Scotlannd) Our secure premises is based in cambuslang, easy to commute to with the new motorway being built. We offer a wide range of services for the interior or exterior of your vehicle. From bespoke wax treatments, alloy sealing, paint correction, ceramic coatings and maintenance plans.

Been discussing with Gav for a while about getting the EF9 in for some good tlc, this never gets driven so for most of the time it is sat in his garage. As its been sitting over the winter the dirt has stained the white paintwork, dulling the true finish and clarity and any kind of reflection. This was done prior to Scottish Car Show and with less than a few days away we were cutting short for time

On the day of arrival I got wash process out the way and tucked away into the unit. As I regularly maintain this car all that was required was a quick wash. Process that followed was: wheels were cleaned using bilberry wheel cleaner, paintwork was snowfoamed, rinsed and hand washed, fallout remover was applied to paint surfaces and wheels. Car hadn't picked up much from when I had clayed it last time due to not being driven. Then it was moved into the unit where it was dried off.

Now onto the more exciting part,

As you can see here some nice buffer trails from whoever last "buffed" the car and some general swirling and scratches as you expect from an old car. Pictured were took with the above lights off as I found trying to capture defects on a white car is proving to be difficult.

Here's a 50/50 shot of the level of correction I was able to achieve

How it looks without being under any special lighting

As you can see clear the left side which has been polished, the clarity and reflection has been restored. Most of the oxidisation that was on the paint has been fully removed leaving a crisp white finish

Peeled back the tape to reveal this!

The bonnet was then finished off and I worked my way around the car

The passenger side wasn't looking all too great either, dull and lacking of any reflection

General condition of the passenger side door

50/50 shot of the passenger door

N/S rear quarter

The staining on this car was pretty bad, required to change to clean pads to reduce inflicting any damage to the paintwork.

The roof was the same

o/s/f wing was badly scratched most of which were pretty deep

Side repeater was removed to gain better access to the surrounding paint. This wing required 2hits to achieve a finish that I was happy with. A few deep scratches do remain but as discussed with Gav we opted to carry out an enhancement detail rather than a full correction detail

The rear was the worst for the staining.
Spotted a little something under my 3m sun gun

Autosport :D

Side pillars were badly stained too, a common problem on most vehicles

Quick polish up to remove the scratches and staining reviving the gloss black pillars

Front bumper

Lots of glue left behind from removing the plate

Removed and polished

Time to get the car out for a rinse to remove any polishing dust


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Sep 18, 2011
All the extra little details count!
Some tarnished exhaust tips

These polished up very nicely indeed, they were then sealed so in future they will be easier and quicker to clean

Car was then wiped down to remove any oils, polish with an ipa wipe. Chemical Guys Celeste dettaglio v2 was the wax of choice, a layer was applied and allowed to cure while I finished doing the windows, tyres, wheels and plastics.

Now for the afters

Couple of shots of the paintwork

Time to roll her out

Would said you can't get a good reflection off white cars?! :nice:

Bay was given a quick wipe down to remove any dust that it has been gathering over the months

And here she is on the Monster Unit stand at Scottish Car Show. Picture via DannyYauPhotography. Where Monster Unit went on to win Best Club Stand 2013

Thanks for looking
Any enquires free feel to contact me and remember members get 10% off our treatments



Aug 24, 2009

EF civics are the sh*t when they are in that condition!


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Feb 22, 2010
Stunning example, credit to who done the detailing. Time for that car to be put into a bubble..

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Mar 10, 2008
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This must be the best ef9 in the uk by a long way, would love to see it up close,

Great job on the cleaning looks like a top job


Sep 25, 2010
Looks great, mine is well overdue a proper detail, just a shame that round here it doesn't seem to last long especially as a semi-daily driver.


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Jun 15, 2013
Seen this at scs, very tidy car, pics definitely don't do this car justice, as good as the pics are :)


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Jul 8, 2011
These cars give me wood!

Looking good gav :nice:


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Feb 23, 2010
Attention to detail is epic lad :nice:

I think i will be in contact in the not so distant future.


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Jan 31, 2008
This is the 1st time i have noticed this thread haha, cheers again Ed, awesome job on the car !
Can't recommend Autohaus enough, as said attention to detail is epic :bow: