B18CR Cams selection


May 5, 2014
Hello gentlemen,

Im in search for set of cams for my B18CR.
I read through many articles etc but some of them are more than 10 years old so I’m after some latest experience with your builds or tunes.

11.5-11.6:1 CR
TODA rep header and 2,5” exhaust
EK4 intake with elbow and cold air mod
Stock TB and inlet manifold
CTR cams
S300 Hondata

Dyno graph attached.

I think the intake might be holding it back little so I plan change it to long 3” intake with a velocity stack.

So my question is what cams from today’s market would be the best choice? I don’t want to go over 9000 rpm to keep it safe and the peak power does not have to be in 9000 either.

The car is a weekend warrior so I don’t need much power in lower rpm either.

Since the short block is recently rebuilt I’m not going to increase CR anytime soon. What I might consider for the future is some head and IM porting if it helps.

I was thinking maybe Tuner Stage 2, TODA Spec B and similar?

thanks in advance for your inputs!


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