Bavarian Bronze EK4


May 13, 2013
Hello EK lovers :)

My name is Jos and I live in the south of the Netherlands (no not holland)

and this is my pride and joy


Its an original dutch EK4 with some mod's :)

I thought that this forum was only for EK9 owners but I see al sorts of Ek's on here so that's why I signed up.

Some History on the car


Bought it in summer 2008 with some exterior modifications already done. Added the coilovers in October,

2009: camber sets and up rated brake disks and pads
2010: Up rated clutch, short shifter, X bar, GAB sport wheels, air intake,
2011: cat-back, race cat and header.

2011/2012: full respray with oem EK9 rear lip and duck bill spoiler added, ITR Inlet mounted and suspension overhaul with hardrace bushings. At this point I got it featured at 6TWO1 :woot:





I wanted to try how a different wheel would look so when I found these 16" Work Nezarts in black I had to snap them up.


Some more pics with the works taken on a very cold and gray day in March 2013. Pictures taken by my good mate Fer/Dperformance


At this point I did some more mods on the engine and interior in the form of some ITR cams and springs with a retune and an EK9 steering wheel and confetti recaro’s on bride low position rails.

The Works need a repolish on the lips (clear coat is blistered) and som new tires. So the gabs are on again. I can’t decide which wheel I like best:p.

Spec list
Full respray in BMW Bronze
OEM Honda VTI-s front lip
OEM Type R rear lip
DIY Type R grille
Replica Spoon duckbill body colour
all body mouldings in body colour
Shaved antenna
Front license plate relocated and cleaned front bumper
black housing head lights
'99 civic tail lights with smoked turn signals

Tegiwa Toda replica header (with Password JDM header shield)
SRS 200 cell catalytic converter, converted to 2,5" flanges
Tanabe Medallion Touring Catback
Password JDM Kevlar "Whale*****” intake
Energy Suspension shifter bushings
ACT stage 1 clutch
ITR IM with Password JDM heat shield gaskets
ITR 96 spec cams and valve springs
OBD1 conversion with Neptune tuned by Bekerom tuning, (shift light, launch control, variable vtec)
Magnetic drain plug
Custom painted spark plug cover with “pied de coque” patern
Energy suspension motor mount inserts

Skunk 2 Pro S coilovers
Buddyclub P1 Camber set front
D2 Camber set rear
Hard race bushings trough out
Hard race roll center adjusters
APE garage X bar
Benen rear lower tie bar
Brakemax front disks
Tegiwa brake stopper
Ferodo DS2500 brake pads all round
Goodridge braided brake hoses
Spoon reservoir covers
GAB Sport 15x7 (f) and 15x6,5 (r) with Toyo proxes R1-R’s 5 mm spacers on the rear axle
Work Nezart 16x7" with limited edition black center caps

Carbon dash insert with STRI X-line oil temperature and oil pressure gauges
EK9 leather Momo steering wheel
Recaro SR3 “confetti” seats.
Bride low position seat rail
Shortshifter with Type R style shift knob
Tenzo R carbon pedals
Alpine / OEM speakers and JVC USB head unit
thanks, choosing a colour is a real nightmare, there are so many options out there, but it turned out perfect and I still love it every time I look at it :)
Very tidy car mate, nice work, Gab's look nicer in my opinion bud :)
Sunny or not, the color really sets you apart from the rest. Nice work buddy!

thanks for the comments guys.

I guess the gabs are more mid 2000 JDM while the works are late nineties tuner. I'm just keeping m both to suit my mood :D
I guess I'll just give a bit of an update here. Nothing major has changed so far. have been thinking of selling the car but have come to my senses :p Nothing gives as much bang for the buck as a civic vtec. So I’m just enjoying the car at the moment, taking in a few shows and tracking it. How she currently sits

I have refurbished the works and gave them a new set of rainsport 3s and I fitted an oil cooler recently. I fitted one without a thermostat which I now regret a little bit. My oil temperature gauge is a bit dodgy ATM so I have to look into this before I decide on a thermostat. Or just blanking it of for normal use.

The reason I fitted the oil cooler was that I recently went to one of the greatest circuits there is Spa Francorchamps. I did a 3 hour open pit lane session and man it was awesome. Eau Rouge is such a hoot. :p. I’m still waiting on pictures, which takes way to long. I was able to hang with porsche GT3s on the bendy bits which really surprised me. The porsche drivers weren't the greatest but still, annoyed the hell out of em :D

Next planned upgrade is a freaky parts wildwood set up. So the information found here was really useful.:win:
nice updates bud.
thanks, choosing a colour is a real nightmare, there are so many options out there, but it turned out perfect and I still love it every time I look at it :)

Mint car mate. yeah its a pain choosing the colour. i agree so many options out there.
Thanks for sharing, beautiful car! :bow:
Last weekend I let a good mate of mine shoot some pics, and I think they turned out awesome :woot:







Yesterday I went on a great road trip with a friend of mine in his sleeper ford escort.

Originally we wanted to go to the nurburgring but it turned out the ring was only opened from 17.00 to 19.00 hrs. So we drove to Luxemburg instead and finished at the ring around 4.30.

it was a great day driving on the back roads. :drive: Luxemburg has some of the most amazing windy roads.

And the ring was also epic. I always find the ring a bit daunting since it has such a narrow margin for error, but its a great track. I still prefer spa though.

Yesterday the track was super quiet. so it was great to drive. I was on rainsports however so the grip was gone after 3/4th of the way round :p

some pics: