Bavarian Bronze EK4

yeah that's the problem. Once you had these its kinda hard to step back to rota or something of the shelf. I will get something decent again. don't worry. :naughty:
Too bad the Gabs aren't 5-stud, I'd definately be interested :)
You're going for 16" track wheels as well?
Too bad you sold the EK4 i could've sold m to you :)

I want to stay with 15" as a track wheel. This wilwood set fits inside a stock ek9 wheel so should fit in a lot of other 15" wheels. They just don't fit in the gabs.

15" is cheaper in tires and lighter thats why i want to stick with this size.

I've send out a couple of messages for trading, but if anybody on here knows somebody LMK I only need like 200 more posts before i can sell on here :naughty:

I'm also considering compomotive wheels. And team dynamics would fit but I don't like how they look.
I had 5-lug conversion ready for the EK4 so wouldn't have made a difference :)
Buddy Club P1 wheels look good to. They're not that expensive either, the white ones would look great on your car as well.
Real nice car Jos. Can't wait for our next trackdays. There are enough wheels to be found in 4x100 so I think you will find a set in time. Maybe just for the time being a set of Rota Slipstreams or so? Lenso VDP's are also great wheels for track.

btw: I still have a set of BSA racings in 15". I believe they fit in a larger brake caliper, allthough no idea with your brakes. Downside is they are pretty beaten up and heavy...
I'm just going to have to find a set. Because i don't want to mis spa or vroemdag. ;-)
I found some new track wheels. By far not as pretty as the gabs. But they are strong and functional. So I will go and test fit them this saturday. They are speedline corses in 15"



The first pic is an example the second are the actual wheels.
The wheels come fitted with a set of wet track tires. So if it rains in october I'm in luck, if not I'm gonna have to find some other tires.
Looking good! Brakes look awesome, shame about the wheels not fitting. Nice set of track wheels as well, coming along nicely :nice:
Time for an update. Have been busy with the car and driving the nuts of lately :p

The speedlines are on and tested the michelins out on some very wet luxemburg roads.


I'm still on the fence about the speedlines. they are functional and strong and would look good with a repaint in black, but they don't look grat, but hey its a track wheel so I shouldn't care. Also they are heavy :/

The week after luxemburg it was time for a spa francorchamps trackday with my EK4 buddy Goosse.



had a blast, was on another set of wheels since the michelins had some dry cracks and I didn't trust them and I couldn't get a set of R1Rs in time. So I got to borrow some R888s of a friend of mine.
This was also the first time I could really test out the wilwoods, and I really can't praise them enough. I can brake really late and keep on performing lap after lap. The only thing holding me back was my stomach :p

Yesterday I attended "vroemdag" this is a day where you take Mentally handicapped kids for a couple of laps around the zolder circuit. followed by a free driving session afterwards. This is always good fun. Unfortunatly the track was soaking wet. so you had to be careful and you couldn't explore the limits really.

Next up this weekend is Mimms in the UK. I will be in the upper hall. and we'll stay at the hotel on saturday so we'll be cruising around the area a bit saterday evening. really looking forward to this as I expect to see a lot of quallity cars and meet new people from across europe.
yeah its hard finding a replacement, on the one hand the speedlines are very functional and suffice as a track wheel. But they just dont look as good as the gabs.

roadrunner I hope I understand, but Yes I did cut a hole in the front plate for the oil cooler. Most just remove this plastic panel but then you create a bypass flow and the radiators aren't as effective.
Some Christmas presents:


along with this there is a Wiechers roll bar on the way so I can mount the harnesses properly
Oh and I see I haven't put up any of the mimms pics so here are a few

Love this one

and up in the upper hall