Best Honda Gift EVER!

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Aug 17, 2007
Gentleman, want to get that special someone in your life something equally special?


Or maybe you lads just like to wear them around the house, you sick freaks! (Not that there's anything wrong with that)
Or for the fashionable lady car enthusiast. I know we have a few women on this site!
Price is (probably) $100 USD.

For more info goto:
Tommy Terrifics

Or their Facebook page at:
Tommy Terrifics on Facebook
As much as i love Honda's, if i seen my gf or any girl infact wearing them, id have to hit them a DDT or closeline. A wrestling move of some sort.
I wanna buy my mrs them and make her wear them for a laugh haha
:lol: These are the worst pair of shoes I've seen haha, would be funny seeing a girl wearing these
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after giving that gift to that special someone this is exactly whats gonna happen to you :slap: she will bitch slap the living hell out of you lol lol
Be doing some serious time in the dog house if you got your mrs those bad lads lol
Who will be the first to get these, make a movie with the girlfriend and spread it over the internet? :naughty: