Brake lines?


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Oct 2, 2010
I am soon going to do a 282/262 brake conversion on my EJ9, but deciding on what brake hoses to get, I have been advised to go with something called stoptech as they are leaders, but carry a £110 price tag, I intially wanted to go HEL as its cheaper and they have a good rep but was told they are to let go at times???

Or just stick with OEM?

Can someone clear this up/give me some views or opinions please...

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I assume you mean brake hoses?
I very much doubt the HEL ones let go. I don't know the figures but the fittings will be pressure rated to something ridiculously high.

Depends what you want the car for with regards to staying oem. The general point of going braided is that very hot fluid can cause normal rubber hoses to "balloon" under pressure. It's worth doing if it's going to have a bit of use on trackdays. Otherwise it's not much point other than if you think your standard ones are getting a bit old.

As another option I've had goodridge hoses on mine for several years which I've had no issues with.
Yep, brake hoses,

I haven't heard HELs go either, just wondering if the stop tech ones are worth the extra £60 as it all does the same job,

I be doing track this year hence the brake upgrade.
I'd go with the hel ones if they are £60 cheaper, its a braided line at the end of day, not like much can go wrong really,
As with most parts pick a decent bunch of brands and go with them.
Save your £60 toward tyres or brake pads
Never heard HEL lines go either, especially as I have a set on my car now.. Lets hope not
Iv just bought a full set of brake lines and a clutch line from Hel for my teg.
I hope they don't let go either, I haven't heard or read anything that they do though.
Where did you hear they let go?
I can supply HEL hoses if you're interested. Drop me a PM and I'll sort out a price.
I am running HEL brake lines too and no problems with mine :)
I have just changed my HEL lines to goodridge ones. My HEL lines started to crack and my rear ones leaked.

When they were working, I really liked the pedal feel on them. I guess I was just unlucky.
One tip: when installing new braided lines, make sure they are positioned and secured well clear of the inner rim of the wheel. Check the clearance from lock to lock too, not just in the straight ahead position. That's possibly two tips not one but they're free anyway.
The HEL brake lines all come with a lifetime warranty so if (on the rare occasion) there are any problems, they will replace FOC any faulty hose.
I brought some Sumo Power ones for my EG and never had any problems.
Stuck some DO-LUCK ones on mine which are a very reputable company in Japan, on special offer from sumopower too! They are great qualtiy and come with a lifetime warranty stainless steel end's etc... impressed with the quality.