Civic EK4, doors locks and unlocks by it self.


Jun 17, 2010
Car: EDM EK4 97' civic VTI( almost same as 99 coupe Si)

So today my car suddenly starten to lock and unlock itself, and the alarm was enabled. I have a DEFA 401 central unit in it.

- Same if the car is locked, or unlocked. It does randomly locks and unlocks buy it self.
- Alarm is activated, but after locking and unlocking by it self, I'm not able to disable the alarm by locking or unlocking the door with the key. So alarm is trigged when I open the door.

What I have tried:
- I have disconneted the DEFA central unit, but it still locks and unlocks.
- I have disconnected, one at a time, driver and passanger door connector, but it still same problem( Of course, the disconnected door doesnt lock or unlock)
- I have replaced the door lock module(white box) on the driver side door. Still same problem.

Any Idea what other things I can check?