Civic Jordan 258 rebuild


Jordan 258
Oct 11, 2013
Civic Jordan 258
So I have come to own Jordan 258 after purchasing from Keith who previously owned it for around 8 years. My previous Jordan 260 had an accident with a bush and I had to sell it on, but it always had a place in my heart. So when I saw Keith selling his I had to snap it up given the spec, which is as follows:

CP Racing forged O/S 81.5mm Pistons 9.0.1 and Ring set.
Manley H beam Rods
Crank Knifedged and balanced with ACL Race Bearings
Block guard
Spoon Baffled sump
Manley Alloy retainers
Manley Steel Valves
Titanium Double valve spring
Ported Polished and Gas flowed head
Trust N1 alloy pulley with 36-1 timing pulley
Custom Coilpack and Custom Magnecor competition Spark Plug leads
koyo aluminium radiator with 12” slim Line fan
Full Race turbo Kit
Garrett T3/T4 Turbo A/R 0.60, Full Race Ram Horn manifold, Black intercooler pipe work, Front mount intercooler, Tail Q Bov, Tail MVR wastegate, HKS air filter
Walbro 255 fuel pump
725cc ID Injectors
Turbo smart 800 Fuel Pressure Regulator
Custom Fuel rail
Skunk2 Black edition inlet manifold
Mocal Thermostatic oil cooler
Full 3” Custom Exhaust
V band Turbo back
Haltech Sprint 500 ECU with IQ Expander
Viper Oil catch can
GM 3 Bar map sensor
ARP Head & Engine Studs
Cometic 1MM Head Gasket
Innovative engine mounts 95A
Oil Pressure Switch
Haltech Air Temp Sensor, Haltech fluid Temp Sensor
Greddy Kevlar Timing Belt
KMS High Flow oil Pump
Mishimoto 65°c Temperature Thermostat

S4c (ek9 box) with kaaz 1.5 lsd
Competition Stage 3 Clutch
Competition Ultra-Light Flywheel
Insane 500bhp drive shafts


Willwood dynolight Calipers 305mm front Discs with street and track pads
1” Master brake servo
Standard Rear discs and yellow stuff pads
Braided Brake Lines

Racing Logic coilovers
Energy Full Polly Bush Kit
Standard dc2 Strut Brace
White Line Rear ARB

Recaro SPG Seats
Recaro side mounts
Custom seat rails
Takata Harnesses
Zeitronix Wideband
Harness Bar
Standard Jordan front and rear seats
EP3 Steering wheel
Ek9 cup holders

Advan TC alloys
Genuine Honda EK9 Head Lights
Honda Jazz washer Jets

Unfortunately there was a crack in cylinder 4, but Keith had told me about this and already had the head stripped and pressure tested.

After a 700 mile trip to Scoltand and back to collect it I began making some changes.

First, engine out ready to be taken down to JDM Regiment for a rebuild and Darton Sleeves to be installed - this should be back with me around December time

I then changed all the locks (still need to do ignition) as the boot lock was completely different and I had no key for it.

I found some Jordan side stickers on ebay for a cheap enough price so purchased a pair of them along with a hornet for the boot from Teeky_JDM

While browsing this forum I found a post regarding a centre console suede cover, so I got one in yellow and installed that, it compliments the car really well and was a doddle to install - highly recommended!

Next came sorting some seats, my fat 38" posterior doesn't fit into the SPG's so they came out and were sold off. I tried to get some custom status seats but they point blank refuse to ship to the UK and I didn't fancy posting them to my uncle in Thailand and then to the UK as customs would be a nightmare. I could take a holiday to the US, but the mrs wouldn't be best impressed! As such I have spoken to Corbeau and they are more than happy to make me some seats and even sent me a material sample to see if it matches what I want. I have a test fitting as such with them at Trax on Sunday.

The steering wheel was then off and stripped before being taken to royal steering wheels for a refurb. This will be done in a smooth leather with yellow stitching and I should pick it up this weekend. I also sourced a yellow Honda badge to go in place of the red one on the EP3 steering wheel

Last part I have done so far is to get an EK9 spoiler - this came in Y56 but needs some love around the corners of it where the paint has come away. Pulling the old spoiler off was a nightmare as one of the nuts was completely rounded, nothing a welder and old spanner couldn't sort though. Once off I found the wiring was a mess for the brake light so I have soldered and heat shrunk the cut wires together to keep it tidy

Still need to sort some wheels, I'm after a white set of Regamasters if I ever mange to find some in the right size. Also after doing rear wiper delete, better condition mats, polishing the scratches out the rear glass, spoon carbon mirrors, repainting front wipers, drivers tweeter needs replacing, speakers need wiring sorted rather than the twist and tape they are at present, new gear gator and want to get a double DIN in there but we shall see how far I get before the engine comes back
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That's some spec, can't wait to see pics of it

Here's my old Jordan thread that I made, I broke it on sold the rolling shell, now running a H22 with the current owner

That's some spec, can't wait to see pics of it

Here's my old Jordan thread that I made, I broke it on sold the rolling shell, now running a H22 with the current owner

Looks nice man, how long ago did you get rid?
So, Jack at JDM regiment was nice enough to loan me a centre cap from his super advans along with the nut. While I have TC's and not superadvans, it fits and I can CAD this up and then have some made so I can sell them at a better value. I did originally plan (prior to first post) to redo these in yellow with a green/teal detail to match the car, but I am now set on some Rega's

Jack also sent me some photos of the engine now it is stripped, its now being cleaned before the block is shipped to have the sleeving done along with anything else it needs, such as line boring.

All the parts that come off are being inspected for damages due to the cracked cylinder and anything that needs replacing will be replaced with top quality parts

Had some more good news today while sat in a meeting at work I got an email from royal steering wheels to tell me the wheel is done and ready for collection. No photos yet, but I will be picking that up on Saturday.

Also have a front splitter in the garage now, 4mm aluminium job with wings all sprayed black ready for when its complete. Still not sure if it is going to go on the car or not, but worst case I can copy the design and make them myself for people and sell this one to a mate of mine in time attack
Last night I pulled the lower centre console out as I have decided to have an attempt at a double DIN down low. If I like it I will end up putting gauges in the normal radio DIN slot as I am not a massive fan of the current MFD that sits in front of the speedo. Annoyingly this will mean I need to get another bit of yellow suede but hey ho. Will also mean I have a lower dash piece with the pop out cup holders I may sell or possibly keep to wait for it to go up in value.

Also tried doing the ignition lock/barrel change, But got as far as where you need to remove the roll pin and couldn't remember where to find it and was shattered from work so called it a night and will attempt this weekend.

Measured up my mats as I have a contact who is willing to make me a replica set to the same spec as the originals with the logo and all, hopefully these come back nice.

Sourced another glove box as the current one has broken hinge

Finally I got the wheels off and double checked the sizes, 16 x 7jj +35. Desmond only offer the new Regamaster Evo 2 in +38 for those dimensions and hole pattern (believe the +35 is available for those of you on the 5 stud pattern or other 4 stud patterns. So probably going to be running 3mm spacers to clear the willwood's. They at present will only be shipping with red decals, for at least 2 years! But I managed to source some blue ones from my Thai contacts as the new ones are identical to the old. Just waiting on their office to open again so I can get my pre order deposit invoice. Should be the first set in the UK, shipping Jan 2020
Oh, almost forgot, I also took the gear gaitor out so I can take it to trax where a friend of a friend will be taking it off me to reproduce it, like for like, as if it is factory fresh.

I did toy with the idea of doing it in yellow suede but decided I like the original look too much
Deposit now paid on the rega's

Tweeter arrived and probably install tonight
Black hammerite arrived for the mat stay and wipers
Apparently the electric mirror switch has also arrived but wont know until I get home

Should be a good, but busy, weekend with plenty to sort on the car. More photos to come in my next update after the weekend
Weekend was busy,

Tweeter went in, this caused a headache where the door card wouldn't fit correctly. Took a grinder to the end of it and sorted the problem :))

Sorted the ignition barrel issue. Got the pin out easy peasy and replaced.

Then collected the steering wheel and fitted that up, royal steering wheels did an awesome job with this and cant complain at it or the price at all

Next came cleaning up and spraying the mat stay and windscreen wipers. They turned out pretty good after a sandblast at work

Mirror switch was sorted, it's no longer hanging out and only held by a bit of paper. I did think to just swap the switch out but as the one I got was grey instead of black I decided to take the spring bit off the bottom and swap over

Drivers speaker was then soldered instead of the tape and twist that was there. Ran out of solder after this so passenger side had to wait.

Connected battery to check speaker was working, which it is, but the central locking wasn't. It makes a sound like it wants to work, but doesn't manage to lock or unlock. I'm hoping this is just a half dead battery given it hasn't been used in 18 months as I cba changing the bits.

Also found that the windows either need some more grease or new regulators as they are slow as heck going down and even worse going up, sunroof works fine though!

New lower deck of centre console arrived today, but I'm probably going to mock up on that and then transfer the bits to the current one.

Still waiting for glovebox to arrive, not that it will get installed but hey ho. Have all the Jordan specific decals to place on the car, but that will wait until I clean it again, gear gaitor was dropped off and had a good chat with corbeau about the seats. Some real special seats planned, watch this space

Photo dump to follow as wont let me add them singularly for some reason
Quick shameless plug :naughty:

If anyone needs the Civic Jordan Decals, drop me a PM

I provided the rear hornet decals

I also have a tonne of the Side Jordan decals
That's pretty rad. What's the gauge in front of your cluster?
It's an old school multifunction wideband display. It was put there by previous owner and means you cant see below 30mph or over 130mph, aka too slow and you've lost your licence so who cares :lol:

It will end up getting removed and replaced with a Haltech one in the dash DIN slot, that is if I can find a UK distributor. If not I will find another gauge I can run off the CAN system and that will go there
New parts ordered in for the engine rebuild for when it comes back from sleeves, still a weeks wait until they arrive and machining can start

ARP head studs
ACL bearings
Acl oil pump
OEM water pump
Cometic head gasket set
Cometic lower gasket set
Honda rtv
Gates racing cambelt
Little oil restrict/dowel
Skunk2 lost motion spring kit
Cam belt tensioner
Replacement CP Carrillo piston rings
Fair bit has happened since my last update here:

Mat stay installed
New mats custom made (they got it wrong and used a white background despite photo being in black :angry2:)
Boot hornet replaced after making a template
Front wipers installed
Rear wiper removed
Gear gaitor replaced
The Jordan plate has been repainted so its actually black again
Mugen pedal set arrived
Headunit arrived
Seat design finalised (photos will come once I have the order placed)

All photos for this below
Nice work man! Also, you uploading photos straight from your phone? Reason I ask is I have an S10 and most of the photos I try to put on my build thread are too large to upload.
Nice work man! Also, you uploading photos straight from your phone? Reason I ask is I have an S10 and most of the photos I try to put on my build thread are too large to upload.

Yeah all straight from phone but as thumbnails
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I'll photo dump again over the weekend, but since last post I have been tearing my hair out over the HU. I have now finally managed to get I to work correctly(ish) and output sound!

No idea what was wrong, I can only assume cable run was too long as I haven't changed the wiring other than cutting my solder ends off and redoing them all, had to remove the illumination wire as that just would not work properly and killed the HU every time I went from sidelights to main beam. It does however now have the issue of the left side speakers not working - right side is fine. So got to look into that now

Mugen peddles - ball ache. The small plates they come with to fix them in place aren't wide enough and as such I need to make some bigger ones, not an issue but I really expected more from these. The adhesive works well though

EK9 spoiler has had a respray, got the base done in a satin black and the main bit redone in Y56. Looks awesome now. Had a drama with one of the fixing studs snapping, had to grind it down, drill it out and then tap it M6 so I could use a bolt

Finally sorted getting matts adjusted, just need to post them off now for rework

Charged the battery fully and now the alarm system actually works properly and all the central locking activates from the key fob

Darton sleeves arrived and now the block has gone with them for machining, been told its up to a 4 week lead time