Civic Jordan 258 rebuild

Been a busy few days for me, so nothing has been done, but I am hoping to get left side audio working and then install the HU into the lower dash over the coming weeks so the interior is ready for when the mats arrive and I just have to order seats to complete it
So, left side audio wasn't working as the speaker is FUBAR. So need a new set of speakers, I know sod all about these so if anyone can point me to some half decent but cheap enough door speakers though would be great

HU is now installed into the lower dash and even got the DAB+ and TV connected up, need to wait to get home tonight to check the TV works as the remote didn't have a battery and for the DAB+ I need to install the app from a disc, finding a PC to do this on is proving a bit tricky though as don't have a disk drive on mine

I still want to make a metal facia for this as there are some gaps around it and it would also give me a space to mount the USB ports for the HU, be an easy thing for me to make tbh as have all the kit available in my workshop

Mats also turned up, really good for a reproduction, especially given they were stamped over the incorrect (white) stamp they did first
Interested to see how you have mounted that in the back.. Keen todo that on mine!
Used the original mount brackets, but then modified the supplied brackets for the HU. It's got to come out again when I put the facia plate in and install the USB ports properly so I'll grab some photos of it for you
So since my last update I have fully installed the trim pieces to get the head unit and gear surround in, test fitted and check it all works. I finally got both speakers going after buying a few new sets and having to go to a breaker for the right sized ones (6.25" and 6.5" is too big)

Got my interior cleaned up a bit now there's no wiring to do other than routing the antennas for the radio and TV

Yesterday I ordered a few bits I needed, wiper delete bung, various OEM fasteners and then got me some carbon spoon mirrors, the electric version. Should all arrive in about 2 weeks
So I haven't got much done other than my wiper delete bung as I've been busy as heck with my work and the Christmas lark.

Do have a few goodies finally ordered and my seats are now being made to somewhat like this design, few extras been put on my seats that I cant show until the final product is with me but let's just say it's going to be epic!

I like the seat. At first glance I didn't even notice the "H" logo, I like how subtle it is. Can't wait to see the whole interior finished.
I like the seat. At first glance I didn't even notice the "H" logo, I like how subtle it is. Can't wait to see the whole interior finished.
Nor did I until it was pointed out to me when doing the design. The seat actually has the back padding cut in that pattern as standard!

I also have a sneak peak for you of the interior coming later today, once I've done my days work and can get a forum post put together

EDIT: @JustForFun do you race in the UK TimeAttack under the same race name as your forum name or is it just a coincidence?
@Jclimb_EK9 heres some shots of how I mounted the double DIN. Had to chop and change the brackets to make it fit, but wasnt anything overly complex

I went ahead and got the car out into the sun so I could open the drivers door, take the A pillar trim off and get the last TV antenna installed (I get bored at meets so why not have TV?)

I now have a yellow sunstrip which arrived today and I will be putting on to cover the antennas from view, keep the sun out my eyes and blend with the roof to give the appearance the car is lower.

I then went about putting the drivers side back to as complete as I can manage. All the plastics back in, wires routed and cable tied in place, mats in, etc. I think it's starting to shape up quite well

Measured up the headunit section and went to CAD the fascia up, its now being made out of 1mm stainless which I will paint in some trusty hammerite when I get it and install using the two bolt holes. This does mean drilling into the OEM part, but luckily I have a second should I ever want to put it back to standard

Finally, I went to install the replacement glovebox only to then realise it was grey and not black. So I split my broken one (hinges snapped off) so the front was seperate from the rest and did the same with the replacement. Then removed latches and sanded back all the excess plastic so it would fit flush. Used a tonne of epoxy to stick the two halves I needed back together and installed it into the car a day later with no issues other than having to cut one cable tie from the haltech so I could push it further back.

Now just need to tidy stereo and stock ecu wiring, which I will do once fascia arrives, hoover passenger side, add passenger mats, add arm rest when thats back, get a couple clips (if anyone knows what the ones are called that hold the ECU cover and carpet by rear bench in place or where I can get some I would be most grateful), add seats and rails, remove seatbelts from front and finally fill the hole where OEM radio sits and interior is done. I am trying to find a new version of the digi gauge that sits infront of clocks to put in there so it looks neat and I don't loose out on the data but we'll see
So I now have the HU install complete, all wiring sorted and basically the whole interior done.

Got myself a genuine EK9 carbon effect clock surround today which will go in over the next few nights along with some trim clips to get the ECU cover in properly. Then it literally is just the seats to have a complete interior. Still unsure if I should get some in date harnesses (will if I track it) and idk if the seat belts should come out rather than just dangling, I guess it depends how much time I get.

Seats and engine should be ready for week 1 of Feb so not far away now and cant wait to get them all back. Then the car will go off to Horsham developments for run in and to check the tune over. This means it will hopefully be ready just in time for show season if my wheels arrive on time

Photos to follow
So got the cluster surround installed, along with the ECU cover. Added a bunch of trim clips that were missing and/or needed freshening up and finally installed a USB port in the arm rest.

The USB is connected directly to the HU and can be used for charging, importing files, screen mirroring, etc. Unfortunately I didn't grab a photo of this, but I will in the next couple of weeks.

Done some boring stuff like getting a new folder for all the paperwork and started sorting through it so its all laid out in a logical sequence so A) I know where everything is and B) if I ever sell it I have a record to show a buyer (guess this will also help for proving stuff in event of insurance claim too)

Also planning to move the Zeitronix to the standard radio location by getting a surround 3D printed, removing the screen from the case and then mounting along with maybe a Custom 'Jordan' plaque to fill the remaining space if not a gauge

Finally I have just had a photo come through of the seats ready for collection, I still cannot have a photo of the rear though and have to wait until I collect this time next week

Photos below
Wouldn't mind seeing a carbon cluster surround in person! thought about getting 1 years ago, but never got to it
So I have done loads since last updating this, always been in the back of the mind to get it done but completely getting sidetracked.

So what have I done?

Desmond Regamaster EVOII wheels arrived, theyre now on and stickered up
Made some centrecaps for them with a matching blue honda 'H' logo and white background
Spoon electric mirrors are on (I have made a how to for this and all the wiring diagrams so OEM connectors can be used, bare with me and I will get it written up on here)
Seats are in (see issues below)
Harnesses sorted (what a mission that was - ended up having to custom make bolts and helicoil most of the mounting points for the seat rails)
Front seatbelts are out rather than dangling in the cabin (cross member bolt decided to be so corroded I had to cut it out)
Engine is in
Coolant lines sorted (thanks to Nick, IDK forum name but you know who you are)
Turbo on
Vacuum lines sorted
Boost pipes sorted
New clutch slave cylinder
Sprayed the mesh cover for the HKS mushroom filter
Washed the filter element (ended up ordering a new one as it was still filthy after 10 washes!)
Had some drama with spoiler (Paypal case currently open)
New battery

Essentially I only have the wiring, alternator and P/S belts, coolant and adding both gearbox and engine oil left to do before I can turn the key and try to fire it up before sending it off for run in and tune on the dyno.

Photos will be below when the upload finishes, theres a fair few of them!