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Dec 1, 2012
Just wondering if there is anyway to tell what engine is in a crx by looking at a picture, its 1989 model if that helps, its an old guy who owns it and only have 1 picture so far, just curious to know thats all
Did some of them not come with a d series engine? I am sure its a uk spec, thanks for the reply
Have you got a pic?
They are easy to tell the difference between a D series and B series.
Does it look like this,


Or this,

Not sure as the pic i have is not of the engine bay but the car its self, if i had a look at the bay i would know what engine it has, sorry i should have stated that in the original post
B series an D series crx have different body styling

Have you got a pic you can upload?
I have a picture on my phone but cant seem to upload it? Will upload it later when i get home using the computer
Exterior differences:
A proper B16A has this bonnet

The D series has a little offset bulge:

thats what I know - not sure if its accurate!
Did they not also come with B18a engines?

OP, why don't you just ask the owner?
As above, the whole front ends are different, headlights, side lights, bumpers, indicators and bonnet.
They never came with b18 engines.
Being an 89 im going to say its a 1616i. D series. I dont think ive seen a 89 Uk VT? Plenty 89 siR though.
Not had time to upload picture yet but judging by they two pictures the one i am looking at is a d series as its the exacts same, the reason i cant ask the owner for more pictures is cause he is 90 and i dont know him directly, its all going through another older guy at work and i have not had a chance to go see the car yet but aparantly its realy clean, anyone know a rough price these would sell for? It has 90000+ miles, just so if i know if i am getting a good price or not
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