eCtune into my UKDM DC2


Jan 2, 2009
2000 UKDM ITR. CW factory std
Looks like its all systems go for my remap...:)

I should be acquiring a secondhand ECU complete with eCtune software & conversion harness at the end of the month...

The ECU has already been mapped for a mildly modded ITR, & Romain @ Artech-Tuning will undertake the adjustments & dyno-tune for me....

All being well I should be able to get some back to back runs with stock ECU & then the eCtune mapped ECU on a dyno-dynamics RR:nice:

Im looking forward to seeing what difference this will make to the car as it is the final engine modification I am going to make, & my icing-on-the-cake mod as im totally happy with the engine spec now (famous last words:shocked::p)

Engine spec is an internally standard B18C6 with lightened flywheel, Mugen CAI, 98spec 4-1 header, Hi-flow CAT, & Mugen Twinloop system..All decent & well-regarded bolt-ons IMO

Romain has had good results in the past mapping UK cars with breathing mods. Il be happy if the power/torque is on a par with a similarly modded JDM motor. No reason for it not to be :nice:

Im certainly not expecting a huge gain in power, but im sure driveability will be improved hugely, especially where the VTEC transition occurs, & the mid-range bolstered up:nice:

Will keep this thread updated with progress, & will hopefully show the eCtune system is a good route for a bolt-on modified B18 or B16:nice:
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Monday is the big day for the remap....

All being done on the Dyno-dynamic RR @ Eurospec 2000 in Guildford

Will post up with a report once im home:nice:
Good luck for monday

Romain tuned my B18 ek a few weeks ago on the same dyno and made 205bhp and 150tq

This was also using eCtune, good guy im sure you wil get a nice power curve from him :D

Mid range is way better once its been tuned.
Will be very interested to see the results here as im looking at similar mods and a 4.785FD for my B16B! Was planning on getting a eCtune mapped my artech to finish it off nicely (because i just can't justify the hondata cost without cams + headwork etc done to my b16).

Best of luck for tomorrow
I'd love to get my DC2 ecTuned, but to be honest, thats a few hundred quid I'd like to spend elsewhere :p
let us know how u get on!
pics and vids! :)
Romain is a sound guy and knows what he is doing. I am tempted to get him to have a play with my dc2 but have just had it tuned by Bisimoto a few weeks ago.

Good luck for the tune tomorrow and get some graphs up when your done
Cheers gents, quite hopeful that Romain will be able to work some magic & get the car fully on song....

The guy i bought the ECU from also had a MR UKDM Teg & it had a slightly lower state of tune than mine, yet still gained 15BHP @ 3000rpm & 10BHP peak over the stock UKDM ECU....

Shows that a proper setup really does put the icing on the cake with breathing mods..

My map will be a refined version of that's hoping all is well..:nice:

If nothing else it might show that high-milers are capable of good figures. My car is on 146k now!!:shocked::D
good luck macca, lookingforward to reading your report once the tune has been completed
Here`s His first run on the stock ECU he just text me :nice:
strong power :nice:


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All mapped up please see attached graph, i`m sure chris will be back in a few hours with a review :nice:

also see second attachment with tuned Vs standard


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Impressive the 15hp gain at 6000rpm, I would have tried lowering the vtec point a few hundreds more
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Thats pretty good, only 10hp less than mine and thats fresh built.

How is it to drive now?
Back home safe & sound!!

All in all a very sucessful morning. Romain started with 3 power runs on the stock ECU resulting in 187.0, 187.9 & finally 188.4 BHP at the fly....

Solid figures for a DD dyno & a good starting point showing that the breathing mods were already producing a small gain over a totally standard car....Stock UKDM ITR's tend to make 175-180BHP on this particular dyno

Next up, Romain fitted the new ECU & began to tweak the setup. Power was gained by slightly retarding ignition timing & tweaking the AFR. VTEC is now set at just over 5K revs & the limiter raised by 300rpm. VTEC is disabled on part throttle too, allowing for more frugal motorway cruising!:nice:

The final figures were peaks of 195.9BHP/135lbs/ft up from 188.4BHP/131lbs/ft.:nice:

Romain also said the intake temp sensor on the dyno was faulty, so he had kept the same value for pre & post map power runs. Being that the intake temp had actually risen by the end thanks to heat soak, the peak power might actually be a tad better than was shown...:)

The new setup is stronger everywhere which is the main thing, especially mid-range. Between 5500-6200rpm the gain is between 10-15BHP. Very noticeable & gives the car a more linear pull. This urgency holds all the way to the increased limiter & the car happily pulls to it....Very happy indeed!:drive:

The engine check light now acts a gear-change light, illuminating @ 9000rpm on the tacho. Flooring the accelarator with ignition lights on also allows the check light to flash out any fault codes. Very useful & clever!

Finally, Romain set up launch control to allow a 4500rpm limiter when stationary! All good stuff!!

The car feels very free & willing to rev now! Romain was impressed that an engine with nearly 150k miles on it can still produce such healthy figures!

I can highly recommend a remap from Romain @ Artech as an icing on the cake mod once all the bolt-ons are complete!:D
looks like your work is done macca, looking forward to road testing this!!
I was lucky having acquired a previously mapped secondhand ECU, so in total including the mapping, it cost me under £400. Bit of a bargain considering the gain really....:D

For a specific quote try mailing Romain. He is a very helpful & knowledgeable guy....

His e mail address is
looks like your work is done macca, looking forward to road testing this!!

Yes mate, you are top of teh list! Pretty sure you will be impressed....:p

Idle speed has been delibrately tweaked no worries there:nice:
Just to prevent any vibration issues from having it a bit lower apparently...

Certainly works:clap: