EJ9 swap questions.


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Jul 29, 2023
EG9 , EJ9
Hello guys , I am new to the world of swapping motors and what's needed and what's not.
So my daily and EJ9 , stock d14a4 engine with ice cool a/c and some interior mods. Just had my head gasket going kaboom. so basically losing almost a litter of coolant in around 700km.
Now this cars great to be honest , but with a/c especially at summer , it just lacks torque and so forth.
(This car has lpg which I would love to retain aswell as the a/c)
So the cheapest platform right now that I could play around is stock b20b's or zs'

My question in order to do a b20b or z (non vtec) swap into ej9 , what parts do I need?
I am guessing right now.
Engine + box + ecu + engine harness + axles
For the a/c will I need something to make it work , or it will be fine directly?
Do I need something else for brackets / mounts / throttle cable?
(Silly questions , could I use a b16a2 valve cover with b20 head?)

Note I have seen that you can reuse the engine mounts from d-series but I am not sure. my mounts thankfully are all good.
Also my car is already a manual.

Thank you so much for your answers and most importantly your time!
some info about b20