Ek4 civic

Mark Mckay

Jul 21, 2017
Bmw coupe 320d
So I'm back with another ek4, after selling my last ek civic a few years ago I always new i would end up with another. Drove a dc5 for a year then a wee mr2 while I searched for a low mileage example for over a year but I've finally found one. This one came up locally from a friend who bought it in Scotland with 28,000 from an older fella who Had it from new. He drove it for just over a year then took it off the road with 40,000 on it as he didn't want to put the miles up going to and from work. Sense then it has been sat in his garage and yard gathering dust and moss lol. So today I got it home and in my neighbours tent for a full service. Anyway I'm rambling on so here is a couple of pictures of her looking sorry for herself. I have a few parts gathered up for her so I'll post more pics as I fit everything and get different bits done.
The plan is to just bring it back to its original glory with a few subtle changes.
All comments welcome :nerv:



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*Wee update* Got a service including oil, oil filter, fuel filter, gearbox oil and spark plugs done. Just timing belt and water pump to change then start sealing arches, sills, bottom and behind front and back bumpers got couple things delivered this morning too- new wiper blades, cluster with temp and volts gauges(not sure if I'll use) skunk2 solinoid cover, Mugen sock and a couple of key rings lol

* Small update *
So not done anything else just tucked her under a cover. BUT I have booked it in for 2 weeks time to get front and rear bumpers, bump strips, side skirts and grill painted to get rid of any imperfections and then it’ll get a full buff and detail inside and out.
That’s it for now may possiably sell the Mugen twinloop back box as I fancy a full custom 2.5” system so if anyone is interested drop me a message.
Thanks for reading.
Just a thought while you have the side moldings off. You may want to seal around the side molding clips with butyl cord/tape to help prevent moisture from getting. I did this on my old EJ6 when I removed the side molding to install a thin molding set. Before doing so I could see distinct water lines running down from each clip on the inside of the quarter panel (same with the doors). So before installing the new set I cleaned the panel where the side molding mounts then put a ring of butyl around each clip hole, then installed. There were no traces of moisture getting in after that. I did this on my EK9 as well.