Ek4 civic

Just a thought while you have the side moldings off. You may want to seal around the side molding clips with butyl cord/tape to help prevent moisture from getting. I did this on my old EJ6 when I removed the side molding to install a thin molding set. Before doing so I could see distinct water lines running down from each clip on the inside of the quarter panel (same with the doors). So before installing the new set I cleaned the panel where the side molding mounts then put a ring of butyl around each clip hole, then installed. There were no traces of moisture getting in after that. I did this on my EK9 as well.

Very good idea. Will have to do this Cheers mate
Update time -
So she is still at the body shop I should be getting it back next week fingers crossed. She has had front bumper, rear bumper, side skirts, bump strips, bonnet and arches all painted and is getting a full machine polish :))
Treated her to a couple of things today a new battery because the old one was done and wouldn’t hold the charge. I’ve been looking for a whales ***** induction kit for a while and my mate said he would sell his for a bargain of a price So I couldn’t say no :shocked: anyway here is a wee pic to keep you all happy til I get it back from body shop.
Thanks for reading

** Update **
So went today and picked up the civic from my body man and just WOW ******* WOW!!! :bow:What a job he done. I couldn’t be happier with how she turned out just couple more tweeks and I’ll be there looks wise. Also the wee civic turned 41,000 miles when I arrived home :nono:
Anyway by time I got home it was dark so I haven’t any picture yet just this one of it turning 41,000 miles.
Who wants to see new pictures tomorrow? Give me a comment or a like.
Great news... looking forward to seeing the pictures.
Amazing to have such a low mileage example as well.
If that mileage is genuine she must be a quick car over so little mileage

Genuine miles, my friend who I bought it off bought it from Scotland with 28,000 miles in 2009/10 from an older guy who had it from new and only drove it to his work which was only few miles from his house, then my friend drove it for a year roughly and took it off the road to keep mileage low and it has been sat ever sense. Then I bought it off him a few months ago :)) .
** UPDATE **

So here she is all painted up looking fresh. Just need to fit my front lip and grill and my exhaust again. Let me know what you all think so far??
Sooooo here you go





P.s - I know I need my wheels painted badly.
Havnt got my lip or grill on yet :angry2:
But small progress is better than no progress so I bought some coilovers so I can get the ride hieght just right :naughty:

Hopefully I’ll get to work on it soon and get it all built up again.

Small progress is still good. Nice to know that you're keeping at it. They always seem to take longer than we plan or want them to.
Small progress is still good. Nice to know that you're keeping at it. They always seem to take longer than we plan or want them to.

Yea that’s the truth mate. I planned to have it insured and out by June and tomorrow is The 1st and I’m know where near finished lol.
My next update will be with polished lca etc and it getting undersealed hopefully :naughtyx:

Haven't had any time to work on the car to get it put back together but time will come. To keep the progress going i got my compomotive mo5 painted white and ordered new stickers and centre caps for them as I only had 3 centre caps and couldn’t find a single anywhere. Unsure as to what tyres I’m for getting yet but won’t be anything mad as it’s not a track car sorry guys lol. :wtf:



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Looks good! I'm also bias for this color lol. Keep up the great progress.
Thanks guys :nice:. I have loads still to do but I’m getting there slowly.

Wee picture off my new centre caps and stickers for my wheels.