EK9 Honda Civic Type R OEM Wheels Weight With and without Tyre

nice info , but here in the philippines we do love the OEM wheels compare to rota's becaues here in the philippines they are damn common...specially the rota slips....:angry:
i hate it when tyre fitters put weights on the outside of nice rims!

i just will not stand for it! :)

Can't agree more, I went to Autobachs to get my advan ad08's mounted thinking they would not pound weights on the outside of my 9's wheels....they did!:angry2: I paint pened them since the damage was done.

What wheel size out of experience will perform better, 15" or 16"??
I once tested 17", bad bad bad idea that was. I am now sticked to my 15", and some one owning a EK9 with 16" wheel installed is trying to convence me that 16" wheels will perform better in start. Less spinning they say, more forward power!

So i would like to know if it is true or false, cause the 17" I had, gived me less spinning or no spinning with a start around 5k RPM, but power is less also.

It depends what you use your car for. Also depends on the side wall if it's stiff or soft and how wide the tyre is. Weight of the wheel as well. I do a lot of high speed mountain driving so I like 16" x 7" cause you still have some side wall and they look good. Right now I am using the factory CTR rims with Advan AD08 in the front and AD07 in the rear and am quite happy with them. Look at Spoon sw388's which are made for track use, they come in 15's and 16's.

I personally think 17's or 18's look funny on a EK cause our car is small and it leaves almost no side wall, plus takes more power to spin them and will cause wheel hop. Also they will be heavier then the same wheel in a smaller size. Where as 18's or 19's on a R34 GTR look amazing and perform well. If you are in to drag then look at pro drag cars they have 14's or 15's with soft meaty tyres with lots of side wall flex to eliminate tyre spin. But CTR's were not made for drag or they would have more torque and less suspention work from the factory.
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