EK9 Honda Civic Type R OEM Wheels Weight With and without Tyre


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Apr 15, 2006
I decided to weight the wheels with the Yokohama ice guard 195 / 55 / 15 tyres!

The weight was of 35 pounds!

Thanks to SpoonCTR for this info but the oem ek9 honda civic type r wheels weight 15.87 pounds without tyres!






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:lol: that looks so funny on a human scale, thanks for the info though, maybe ill weigh my work emotions since the wheels are off the car right now...
is it true that for every 100 pounds you take out of you car is 10hp gain
Removing weight doesn't make the motor output more power, although the lighter car will feel as though it's more powerful. Another saying is for each 100lb weight loss there is a .1 second gained in the 1/4 mile. Both of these are loose terms to explain weight loss benefits, but the benefits go beyond that.

Removing weight makes the car peform better in every aspect of performance-braking, acceleration, cornering, slalom speed, gas mileage, and less wear on parts like pads and tires. Rotating unsprung weight is the best weight to save, like that off the brakes and wheels as long as you don't sacrifice other areas.
i hate it when tyre fitters put weights on the outside of nice rims!

i just will not stand for it! :)
See attachments for a comprehensive wheel weight guide.


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What wheel size out of experience will perform better, 15" or 16"??
I once tested 17", bad bad bad idea that was. I am now sticked to my 15", and some one owning a EK9 with 16" wheel installed is trying to convence me that 16" wheels will perform better in start. Less spinning they say, more forward power!

So i would like to know if it is true or false, cause the 17" I had, gived me less spinning or no spinning with a start around 5k RPM, but power is less also.
thats ridiculously heavy for a 15"x6J wheel, It would be the first thing I would change on the EK9, maybe the second actually, after the B16B block (or atleast the crank + rods) :p
Hey just a quick question. Is the standard profile of a ek9 civic type r is 195/55/15? I want to change tyres on my old ek hatch to something better. I'm using 175/65/14 at moment but want to improve handling thanks for your replys. Snitz