ek9 or dc2 HELP !!!


Nov 6, 2009
hey after being a proud owner of an ek9 for about 4 years , we had a bit of a falling out :( ,, anyways im in the hunt for a new car and im in two minds between getting another ek9 or a dc2 ? Personally i think the ek9 in the nicer looking of the two and is more mod friendly but the dc2 is also a beaut ,,

do you think it would be crazy to get another ek9 after haveing one for 4 years , what do ye think i should do ,, im also puttin insurance and petrol costs in mind , as im from ireland and insurance can be a killer :(

Thanks lads :nice:
X2 if you want another ek9 then get one. Personally I don't think its crazy owning one for 4 years and then wanting another one. Also, on the + side, you'll know your way round one :nice:
Certainly not crazy to want another 9. Though I think the DC2 would be a bit easier to tune due to the B18C. On the other hand, you can also swap a B18C into an EK9.
At the end of the day its what you want man ethier would be good personally ad go for another 9 and its deffos not crazy to do so!
Both cars are nice and perform really well. But IMO no point owning an EK9 for 4 years then buying another one. Try something different, DC5 or ATR maybe!

Although a B18CR EK9 would be best of both world or even Kwsap.....
It's your choice!As someone above has said why not try an ek9 with a b18c?

The plus side is you will kow almost everything about the ek9
Ha, na not crazy at all, im on my 4th ek9 :p
Get a good spec b18 ek9 man you'll love it ;)
Although dc2's can be snapped up for pennys just now...
seeing as you have had a ek9, get a dc2.. why not. ive had both, but its hard to compare as my ek9 has no mod cons.. so its a little bit different. just be wary though, there are loooooads of dc2's for sale, be prepared to pay the maximum for a good one.. they are very prone to rust, especially the uk ones!!
thanks lads , i said i would get a dc2 and have seen a few ones that might be worth a look , but i just rather the ek9 the way it looks and everything else about them :) as for the DC5 there out of my price range at the moment ,, i suppose there is noting wrong with wanting another ek9 after all its what i want feck what eveyone else things .

and gav your on your 4th , thats crazy man that just made my day ;)
I've gone from had 2 ek9 z and a dc5 and tbh ek9 wins hands down, out of the dc2 and ek9 defenatly the eke. My mate lent me his dc2 for a day and tbh I don't really rate them high. Go look at a few of them and take it for a long test drive then make your own choice, as your the one possibly going to be driving it for the next 4 years.