Ek9.org Sticker's for sale


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Sep 27, 2015
Hello everyone!
I now have some Uk based Ek9.org stickers for sale in white.

There is a £1.00 donation to the forum included in the price that I'll donate to the forum every month. This will help keep our forum going and improving the site.

Depending on how well they sell I'll order more stickers, and if people would like different colours that is possible if a sensible amount is ordered.

When you purchase a sticker, make sure you put your name and postal address in your PayPal message and how many stickers you'd like and the quantity.

Please allow 1 week for stickers to arrive.

Item for sale: ek9.org stickers
Reputation: http://www.ek9.org/index.php?threads/b16swt.70801/#post-800007
Price: see page 4
Paypal: see page 4
Location: UK
Condition: New top quality stickers
Description: Approx 14x 5cm top quality sticker in black or white.
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I'll be taking one :nice: good forum this! others have started to fade away unfortunately :(
So is that £5.65 each? If so I'll get two off you :)
Yep that's each, in time I can make them cheaper, but I'm want to get my initial investment back and build up enough money to buy more stickers for the forum. I've also had a show flag made if you guys can remember?
It's a non profit thing for me! All for the forum.
I've invested about £200 of my own money.
Sorry guys I made a cock up on the pricing. Revised price above.
Tbh I think £5 is fair. Also means you can get your invest back alittle faster.
Plus we've not done a forum fundraiser thread for ages.
Im not overly worried about getting any money back. Just want people to have stickers! And raise money for the forum.
I've revised the price which is fine, I made a calculator error :confused:
That's too much money mate! Do you want me to refund you? Or donate it to the forum?
Fired across £10 for two white ones.

Keep the extra or just donate it to the forum :nice:

Fired across £10 for two white ones.

Keep the extra or just donate it to the forum :nice:


They'll be in the post tomorrow mate!
Thank you very much bud! It'll be donated to the forum :))
Help support the forum by buying a sticker :))

Ordered 2 white stickers. Sent £10, keep or donate the change to the forum :)