Ek9.org Sticker's for sale

I think that @B16Swt can ship to Portugal, please wait for his confirmation :)
Yep I’ll be fine to send to Portugal, maybe a bit more expensive than U.K. postage. Bare with me I’m a bit busy with work atm
Hello everyone thanks for baring with me. The total cost per sticker is £5.00, this includes postage within the UK, cost of sticker and forum donation. For international postage Royal Mail charges an additional £2.20 so international stickers total cost is £7.20

It would seem for the UK the cost of the stickers hasn't changed at all, just international postage is more not surprised considering Brexit etc.

I am trying to recover the paypal account I made for the stickers to make it look a bit nicer for you. Make it easy please and F&F the payment, and in the PayPal notes add your name and postage address.
Item for sale: ek9.org stickers in white
Reputation: http://www.ek9.org/index.php?threads/b16swt.70801/#post-800007
Price: £5.00 inc postage and forum donation or £7.20 for international buyers.
Location: UK
Condition: New
Description: Approx 14x 5cm in white.
394561f1-8c04-43a9-bc91-53909838aa2a Medium.jpeg
seen the previous mentions of black and it not being popular, but any chance of getting one in black?
If @B16Swt is OK with it I can get them remade in any colour. I had the file drawn last year as we hadn't heard back from Sam in a while.