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Face-lift Rx
EK9-1204232, White, Scottish Highlands, July 2010, Reg (W) 2000 Car Still Standard.

RIP 1100842

This thread will hopefully be the largest and most precise gauge of ek9's around the world.
Please help by PMing me your following details of your or any ek9 you know of, so we can start compiling the list. It will be totally anonymous so no one will be able to tie up vehicle registration, owner to a car.

PLEASE Please pm me your
  1. Chassis number
  2. Colour
  3. Location (country)
  4. Approx date of import
  5. 50 character description to say if car scrapped, broken for bits or say race car etc.

    Thanks Dunx

    (Oh FJC stands for FastJapCars.com)

  1. EK9-1000088, White, Mar 09, UK, B18C, Caged fast road track day toy (Mainly Nurburgring)
  2. EK9-1000148, White, Oct 09, UK, FJC car
  3. EK9-1000282, White, June 09, UK, FJC car now in The Netherlands (Jul 10)
  4. EK9-1000312, White, ??? 0?, UK
  5. EK9-1000600, White, Oct 05, UK, FJC car
  6. EK9-1000684, ??????, ??? 0?, UK
  7. EK9-1000719, White, Apr 08, UK, Spoon Stroker B16b, Caged Track/Road Car
  8. EK9-1001187, White, ??? 0?, UK
  9. EK9-1001345, White, Apr 06, UK, FJC car
  10. EK9-1001357, White, Jan 08, UK, Highly modified rally-car.
  11. EK9-1001410, White, Sept 07, UK,
  12. EK9-1001455, White, May 08, UK
  13. EK9-1001572, White, June 08, UK, FJC car
    [*]EK9-1001615, White, ???? 0?, USA, resprayed White

  1. yo dunk, who gave u the EK9-1001615 to you? I have seen that car in person couple weeks ago at malaysia. It's for tender btw. Just curious where u got the VIN. I want to make sure that the one i seen was not a salvaged or chopped off car n rejoined back as a proper car. You can check out at http://www.ek9.org/forum/general-chat/28624-ek9-tender-local.html#post297418

    Just curious how it ended up at my coutry.
Sorry I got it from your post. So it isn't in the US then is it in Malaysia
hi all, i buy me a ek9.
cant good english

-pre face
-sunny day car
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Imported: 2007
Color: Champ White
Status: Currently daily drive
Year: 2000
Location: Llanelli, South Wales
We are getting a pretty good list here, is there anyone else not on the list and not in Japan with an ek9?

I never realised they made so many Rx's, over 5100 units. That's only about 1500 less than the pre facelift.
So roughly 6650 pre facelift (1 year of production) compared to nearly 10,000 face-lifts (2 years in production.


- 1006759
- CW
- Prefacelift
- August 2009
- UK
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Number 44 Pre-facelift EK9-1005370, Silver, May 09, UK, FJC car

this car now has a facelift front end, B18c6 Swap, fully stripped, fast road/track car

got quite a decent list going now!

Must be nice to know its the newest of the lot! :nice:
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1. EK9 1201195
2. Y-56 Sunlight Yellow
3. Germany
4. Nov 07 Importet, Feb 11 my Car :))