EK9 Register

Does anyone know who used to own EK9-1003863?
No. 64 on the preface lift list.
Wondering if there a build thread or anything relating to that car, as I now own it and am building it up from a bare shell.
Fresh in UK
Portuguese owner

EK9 1102484
Champ. White arrived UK 5 April this Year. One week for the plates.
Standard with MUGEN twinloop exaust
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I will send my details over when I get a minute to be added to the register.

Edit: mine is actually number 40 on the list.
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Number 47. EK9-1002471, Black, Sept 08, UK :( it has sadly been broken... The idiot (thought he was genuine :() I sold it to, put it up on Ebay a week later in pieces...

Unless someone bought it whole off him, which I highly doubt..

Registration was R878 XBT
My black ones on the list but not sure about the white one

black one is number 50 on the list- EK9-1002681, Black, Aug 08
but its a Turbo B16 track toy now :)

white one - EK9-1001382, white, October 07
daily stock
VSM (Vogue Silver Metallic)
Imported July 2005
Just started work on complete restoration. Check out my build progress
  1. EK9-1006827
  2. Champ white
  3. Tacoma Washington
  4. May, 2008
  5. My car is 90% stock and all original parts. She is a weekend warrior.
Imported: June 2007
Colour: CW White
Status: K20 in process
Year: 97
Location: UK
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1- EK9-1200731
2- Championship White
3- Italy
4- 12/2015
5- Full stock car, week-end and Meeting car.
  1. Chassis number - 1203666 / 2000 RACE BASE
  2. Colour - Championship White
  3. Location (country) - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  4. Approx date of import - Late February, early March (I hope)
  5. 50 character description to say if car scrapped, broken for bits or say race car etc. - Rated as a 3.5 and has its original engine and transmission.
Chassis Number : EK9-1203199
Championship White
Imported June 2015
Location : UK
Weekend Car
Hey guys, wondering if you can help me.

My EK9 is based in the UK and hasn't been on the road for a few years as it is being used as a track car. I have got in touch with the DVLA to request a new log book and they've asked for me to send pics of either the VIN plate or the chassis number stamped into the bulkhead. No problem I thought.

I took a picture of the chassis number stamped into the bulkhead, and sent it to them. However, the DVLA say that the picture is incorrect. They say that in addition to the 10 digit chassis number the number stamped into the bulkhead should also " displaying cross/square security markings at both ends of the number."

I have never noticed cross/square markings on the chassis number on any other EK9's. Am I missing something, or are the DVLA just wrong??
This is what the chassis number looks like.. I don't think there is anything wrong with it, or suspicious about it. Any input will be appreciated.......

Civic Type-R EK9 CHASSIS No.jpg
Does it match up with the blue badge?

The car was repaired after a big incident on track. The blue VIN plate is now missing, which is why the DVLA are asking for pictures of the stamped chassis number on the bulkhead instead - which they said would be sufficient.

However, they are not happy that the chassis number appears to be "incomplete" as there should be further digits or markings