ep3 handling

lyle robb

Jan 28, 2012
Hey so recently purchased my second ep3 as my daily drive, basically it's an 04 face lift, full service history, good solid car compared to my pre face lifta few yyear's back. I've had the car a few weeks now and in general really enjoying it however I had my first pretty fast drive last night and to be honest it doesn't feel as if it's very good to push hard. (Compared to my old 9 and egs) has anyone else felt the same? Basically I'm looking for some advice from anyone who owns or has owned one. What's the best mods to do first, lsd and coilovers are definitely on the cards but I really want it to feel even half as planted as the ek9, not interested in any more power I'm only looking for better handling! :)

Any info would be great, :nice:

I agree totally on comment about feel compared to older Hondas

all ive really done is concentrate on handling and few interior bits on mine and sorted brakes out

lsd essential if enjoy driving !!
good tyres would be 1st choice
then some better suspension and have setup to your preference (usual camber correction bolt on's needed)
rack raiser is needed as cant stand the bump steer I get (bought new one but I just havnt fitted yet)
corner weight is being done soon as my rack raiser is on and that's all I can do the without then getting silly and car becoming too much for road use
Standard handling is pretty wank tbh, I have new grippy tyres (in wider wheels) and have just ordered coilovers. Hopefully it's ok after that.
i had a b18c EK and now the ep3, it feels a little faster than walking. Much more civilized, but handles very good imo. Pulls like crap though.
I don't think an EP3 would ever be as good as an EK9 (in OEM spec).

Until the FD2 they have just been making them more limp IMO.
Agree, a stock EK4 is probably even more fun to drive compared to a stock EP3. But still not a bad car imo. Nowhere near an EK9 handling wise but you can definately have some fun with them.

Engine however has much more potential compared to the B16B.