Function7 LCA Groupbuy -


Apr 30, 2010


Hey Guys, We've been in talks with F7 to bring these arms over to the UK at a decent price.

Prices - £155 per pair + £10 postage. (£165 Delivered)

We can get Loopeye fitment, If you want these please PM me as stock is not good on these very often.

We dont need a minimum order quantity. And can place the order at any time.

Delivery on these will be between 12-20 days. To get the prices low, we send them a slower service.

To take part in the groupbuy, Click this link and buy from our site
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Id be interested in a set, see what the funds are like. How long is this price running for?
It's going to run approx 1 week into next month.

If you want to go ahead, just get an order on the site and you'll be part of the order.

So if we order them now we don't have to wait for others to order aswell? it will be just 12 - 20 days then for delivery?

Everyone just orders anytime up to the cut off date. (1st September)

We'll then place the order for everyone who has bought them.

We dont need minimum orders or anything like that. We have good contact with most suppliers already.
2 more days to place an order if you want there guys.

Once this order arrives these will be stocked here in the UK, but the price wont be as cheap as this.

Yeah, We can get the whole range from them. They are not the quickest thing to order, as it takes 2-3 weeks at least. They are a slow company to deal with.

Drop me a PM with what you nee and i'll get you a price and availability.