H-Tune.co.uk - New Deal - 30% OFF PLM B Series Header


Apr 30, 2010
We've all heard of Groupon yeah? Every wished they done stuff for your Honda? We'll we've got the next best thing.

Every week we will be putting up deals from ourselves and our friends. This wont be limited to products only, But Services including labor rates, Tuning sessions, Service deals, Drag racing & LOTS more from our friends all over the UK.

Please subscribe to our deals to get an email each time we post a new one up, Its the best way to save cash every week, all year round!

You can see the current deals by clicking here
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We've got some garages and other places in line to get some deals up for you guys too
We've sold a few to EK9 ownders with good reports back.

One of my Friends Dave who is a member on here runs one and loves it. I cant remember his username,

You wont be disappointed, These are not cheap ebay crap.

Still 6 days left on the deal.
How are people finding these, have anymore on here got this header, what do they make of it?

I've potentially got one on a straight swap for my Recaros so I'm keen to know what they're like.

They are very good for mid range and very good for ground clearance as well !