How everything started, 8 years ago

Credit to you RVM, awesome forum and a good bunch of lads :nice:
Must be doing something right, I keep coming back every day even though I haven't owned a Civic in over two years. One day I'll own an EK9 though. :nice:

Good work RVM.
I log in every so often when I'm trying to avoid actual work, it's really great to see the forum thriving.
I think that all the credit goes to the mods this forum is getting everyday because of the mods and their knowledge :D
Big thanks to you and the other mods for helping create/run such an awesome forum, RVM :nice:
It's one good forum.
There has been so many good points of view and experiences been contributed from so many in the time I have been here.
Can't get enough of the place.
Keep up the good work all.
As said already, seriously good work RVM. I was always doubting getting an EK9, until I stumbled across this forum 7 years ago....and It was a done deal from there.
Met some seriously cool Honda/Jap nuts on here over the years, and still my fav car forum by far :cool:

Thanks Man