I want this EVO!!! :O

wouldnt like it at all,if I was going to get a 6 again I would only get an RS Tommi Mak
It looks good. But i'm not a fan of the alloys. They look cheep.

Seen better tho
Nice car, but that car has been for sale for a long time and £16,000 is very expensive for such an old Evo, even one as special as the extreme. Pretty sure you could get a very clean EVO 9 360 for that price and I know which one I would be going for.
Looks nice, but i'd be straight off to Norris Designs if i was after a sorted Evo..

this thing looks like it goes agains't the law of physics the rate at which it accelerates never ceases to amaze me....
with a different car they got 30mph - 120Mph in 6.19 seconds :wow:
Norris Designs SWB Mitsubishi Evo 30-155mph Bruntingthorpe - YouTube


That looks terrifyingly quick, can't help but think the engine would be a bit of a hand grenade as it must be producing some big numbers to be going that quick. :nerv:
Looks good, apart from the wheels, doesn't suit the car and the front black bits don't look too good on the car. I'm sure you can find better examples with that money
it would be back to a evo 9 for me :) and keith knows what a car they are haha
For the money that Norris design evo would cost I would rather the Reyland escort cosworth which was for sale a few weeks back.