Jamie_ EK9 K-Swap build


EK9 K20
Aug 19, 2013
So the starlet went and got replaced with this an EK9 brought from a very good friend of mine and it is super clean and a good base to work with

Have a lot of plans for it only genuine parts will be used on this build


Engine B16B
Skunk2 manifold
Solid fabrication full custom 2.5" exhaust system
HKS panel filter
Tiegwa intake hard pipe.
LSD gearbox
Spoon ECU

Bc coilovers
Front strut brace
Rear strut brace
Poly bushed

Wheels and tyres
Standard wheels
195/50/15 fedral 595rsrs

Standard red recaros
Recaro head cushons

OEM wind deflectors

After a good detail and paint protection

All comments welcome

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Looks like a a very clean example, makes me want to do my wheels black now, miss having black wheels!
Lovely looking car! Custom exhaust?
Looks like a a very clean example, makes me want to do my wheels black now, miss having black wheels!

It is stunning clean 9 pal they will be replaced soon with some JDM wheels

Lovely looking car! Custom exhaust?

Thanks mate yea a custom exhaust system

Remember this car from a long time ago, still looks great

Thanks for the link mate , She is still mint as ever
Thanks for all the kind comments lads

So a few things started to turn up

Hard race front and rear camber arms

Carbon fibre fuel tank cover

Spoon socks

Spoon wide angle mirror

Stri oil pressure gauge and oil temp gauge

Brought a recon B16B rocker cover for the 9 as mine has seen better days thanks again ross @rd55 dun
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Brought a few more things for the 9

Carbon fiber mirrors

A brand new drive shaft as mine **** it's self thanks to @Tegiwa Imports

Genuine skunk2 rocker cover dress up kit in black

Genuine mugen airbox intake from Marc moss

Genuine EK9 front badge as mine had fallen off thanks to @Tegiwa Imports

Lots of carbon goddies :))
The car looks great!
Beastly! Ek9 all day over the rest , evos love to give you big trouble ,but great when running right.

Love my EK9 pal it was the best decision i ever made to get one and I'm glad I did best car I've had for sure

I nearly bought an Evo 8 FQ360 but glad I got the 9 now pal :)
You can work on your ek9 most of the time and lot more fun to drive ,
With the evolution you need lots of money to keep her and very hard to work on imo,
You made the right decision pal.