Japfest Silverstone 2017

Hi all what time do we need to be there
I mean on stand is it 8
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Normally says on the ticket but this year it does not. The website only says Club entry from 7am and public entry from 10am, doesn't state a latest entry time for clubs. So I guess get there before 9 and you'll be fine.
Sorry guys, having major driveshaft issues so not gonna make it tomorrow. Hope you guys have a good day!

I only took a couple of photos yesterday.
Was good to see familiar faces and see everyone's cars.
We'll be at Japfest 2 for sure! So will see you there.
Hope everyone got home safely.

The cleanest Kswapped Ek9 in the U.K. @Boyle
I was the last car to turn up on the clubstand, I actually parked next to my old ek9 (B16Swt) Sams car in the afternoon. To say my heart isn't crushed with how is looks now would be a lie. Each to there own though of course.

Met (DMEK9) Dave and his son and a few others off here which was great.

Managed to get hold of some track time half price so went out in the evening. surprising loads of hondas on track actually.