K20 DC2 Project,

only just looked at this! good work thats going to be impressive! nice stopping power aswell :p
TDi north tuned it had we of known that you did hondata at the time then you would of been our first port of call, the map does need some tweeking since we have fitted teh spoon throttle body, I`ll have a word with justin the owner and see if he would bring it top you for fine tuning, Ill also get the dyno print out scanned in so you can see where we are at the moment :nice:

Cool, whats it like on part-throttle? like going on/off? is this where it needs most work? It'll be interesting to see the current graph, although if you are going to put it back on the rollers you might as-well consider some more modifications to make most of the time. What injectors do yo have on it currently?

and im curious what wire-loom you used? I have a schematic to work from an will be making one for myself soon, the cost of the connectors is the drawback!:nono:
we used the wiring loom form hybrid racing,

Hybrid Racing K-series Conversion Harness for 96-00 Civic - Electronics - Default Store View

its expensive, but like you say teh connectors are expensive and difficult to obtain so we just bit teh bullet for simplicity,
they do teh whole shebang, shafts, mounts , sensors teh lot..

Part throttle on / off is where the definitley requires the work the only way it can be described at the moment is poor,
its awesome at full chat but when feathering the throttle anything below 3k revs is all over teh place,,
think they were fed up with trying to make it idle with the bdL throttle body and just rushed the rest of the mapping :-(

the car is currently running the stock K20a injectors, (think they are 315 cc`s standard) i will have a look at the map and see what the injector durations are, not sure how close they are to peak duration,

I was not with justin when the car was mapped,
so what does the finished car look like! and do you mind asking how much it roughly cost to do the conversion!
cost 8k just in parts for teh k20 conversion we upgraded teh brakes , wheels exhaust back when it was JRSC B18C6
i will try get some new pics uploaded along with the RR over christmas :)
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thats quite a good price for the harness. Not bad.

Lets see some new pics of it :nice:
glad to see this thread is still going, gonna add it to best threads of December :nice:
just bumping this thread up, as a few people seem interested in K20 conversions at the moment,,,,,

will get some more pics of the car at the weekend for you all and get justin to write a review as he has been using the car as a daily driver for a few months,

here is the current RR graph wich is wrk in progress as will be getting a WILLtune sometime in the near future:


Must shift very well :nice: Wicked project mate, need more pics!!
Afternoon people, I apologise for being away so long, I’ve started a new job and am getting married in a few weeks so have been busy recently.

Ollyek9 emailed me a while back to ask if I could tell a little bit about what I thought of the car as a daily driver.
I can sum it up in one word – AWESOME -.
Obviously it’s now totally different to a standard dc2 as its had such a dramatic change. The benefit of the K20 is I have more torque which is definitely noticeable; power is nice and always available due to the responsiveness of the engine.

Its gear change takes some getting used to as after having the solid linkage of a B series then going to cable change you notice it’s a little more sloppy in places, how ever the 6 speed box is nice and the throw is still relatively short.

I would not say its running costs are any more than the b18 either how ever due to the excellent sound of the engine I keep hitting the V Tec as a habit so have not really been driving for economy.

The only thing some people have commented on is the extra vibrations you now get in the car, how ever the engine mounts kit I used was a fairly rigid kit, I do believe there are softer options out there now, I don’t see this as a problem though.

I find it hard to keep away from full throttle when entering slip roads as it just pulls so well, likewise I cant help but drop a cog for overtaking at times just for the feeling but the k20 is more than capable to still do this safely just by applying the right foot heavier.

The other thing with the K20 is it is lighter than the B18 so the car currently sits about 30mm higher at the front than it did before, this will be rectified with a nice set of coilovers when I sell my dc2 SI track car.

All in all as a daily driver it’s totally acceptable and to be honest many people who have passengered thought it was standard (around town etc) until we hit the dual carriageways!

I have not really given it a thrashing yet as I believe that’s for the track and not public roads (you never know whets coming around that bend towards you when you need a little more road)!

Now the weather is getting dryer and warmer I shall use it some more and hopefully do a track day if I can sell my track car and get a new suspension, I have some R888s awaiting some rims too.

Any way I hope this has given some of you who are considering this conversion into your EKs some sort of view on what the end result is like.

Hopefully in a month or so after I have finished paying for my Wedding I shall again be in touch with Will to see about one of his tunes !:nice:
thanks for that justin,, good fore people to see how easy a K20 in one of the older gen hondas is to live with
if the shifting bothers you that much, try using the hybrid-racing bolt-in shifter. (this is also great if you do not want to cut a hole for the shifter plate. this may also still be used if the hole has already been cut for the karcepts shifter plate.) this shifter is very customizable.

Hybrid Racing K Swap Bolt-In Short Shifter - Shifter Mounting Plate - Swap Parts - Default Store View

along with upgraded cables.

Hybrid Racing Shifter Cables for RSX and K Swap vehicles - Default Store View
pics all reattached they had all gone walkies for some reason
I cant believe ive somehow missed this thread!!! amazing work dude. Any pics of the finished car ? :nice:
Message for OllyEK9

Hi mate, your in Devon then eh, would you like a set of the very latest EBC yellows or just about to launch Bluestuff for longer lasting track driving.

I want you to test these and see how good they are.

Cheers Andy Freeman
Message for OllyEK9

Hi mate, your in Devon then eh, would you like a set of the very latest EBC yellows or just about to launch Bluestuff for longer lasting track driving.

I want you to test these and see how good they are.

Cheers Andy Freeman

if they're free then feel free to send me a set of each, in ek9 fitment, :nice: