Hey all, it's been a hot minute since we were here last, hope you are all well.

Let's try and get our channel up to the big 3K if we can.

Here's one of our latest videos, some RAW content from one of the HONDA ONE MAKE races at Central.
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Have a great weekend all and stay safe!



Iv sent the link to my phone so when im on lunch i will subscribe. Just watch a few minutes on silence at work and looks good so far. Liking the style content.

Night shoot with No Good Racing EK and Takuya-San.

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This is really cool, but I'm not sure about painting the brand and model of the tires. By the way, the wheels on it are similar to Vorsteiner because of its 10-spoke design.
We really should post more on the EK9 forum here as you're all an awesome bunch..

It's builds like this we encounter here in Osaka and the greater Kansai region we love to share with you all.