Knite Force: NL 1991 Honda Civic 1.6i-VT EE9

That is one awesome EE, my mum had an EF, older bro gave that some serious abuse:p

I love the look of the exhaust but it'd be pretty much undriveable in the UK:(
aaaaaaaaaaa the EF9 my dream car from when I was 11 years old! Nice looking car mate and the rims really go well with it. They are from an itr right?
Lovely! So rare to see one so clean! I like the Exhaust:D
lovin the car mate!!!!!!!!! thats the shape i originaly wanted but i cudnt find 1 clean enuf, nice work keep it up
****ing tasty yok

all you need is recaro's and shes perfect
Bought me some Autometer gauges and a black Apexi V-AFC 2. Now all I need to do is decide wich Im I will choose...
Totally awesome.I like the color and wheels.Well done project.I think my civic needs some attention to me like you did.
the more ya look the more ya want 1 there such an awesome little car. and this is mint aswel fair play:nice:
Major, major work being done to the car. Haven't driven it for well over 2 years now. Right now it's completely taken apart, once I get around to it I'll post pics and more info.