Kswap - The real costs.


Jul 6, 2007

Real costs of those who have done the Kswap, time taken, location & tuner/self, where you purchased - to help others guauge import duties etc.

Would be good if this remains a Kswap members only thread - eg 1 post each - no junk/spam. This should clear a few myths, and help others to see a budget, moderate or big build cost.
EK9 K20a track spec, UK, Work carried out by TGM, completed July 31st 2010, approximate time taken: 9 months.

As close as I can remember:

K20a engine/box (reputed 36k) - £3000 - RMotion.
Hasport EKK2 Mounts - £550 - RMotion.
DSS 2.9 Driveshafts - £780 - RMotion.
Golden Eagel fuel rail - £130 - RMotion.
Aeromotive FPR - £165 - RMotion.
Hybrid Racing ECU conversion harness - £150 - RMotion.
DC5 shifter box - £100 - RMotion.
10mm Alluminium plate for mounting shifter box - £Free.
DC5 Shifter cables - £180 - RMotion.
Fuel line kit (filter to rail) - £50 - RMotion.
AEM Swap Intake - £180 - TGM.
Kpro/tune - £1000 - Eurospec.
New oem clutch - £200 - TGM.
Alluminium radiator (full width) - £240 - RMotion.
DC2 Donor parts: Forks/LCA/Subframe/Rack - £150 - RMotion.
Fuel filter/Rad hoses/braided hoses - £100 -TGM.
Bearing kit/bits & bobs (gearbox) - £not sure.
Various sensors/fan switch etc - £not sure.
Washer bottle replace bag - £15 - Ebay.
Kaaz LSD - £600 - TGM.
BCUK 5TH/6TH Close gearset - £540 - BuddyClub UK.
Portmatched RBC/70mm TB - £400 - RMotion.
True 2.5" Exhaust - £450 - Solid Fabrications.

Labour £A very good rate.


B16 Engine (on 72k) & box (MFactory 3/4/5 set & Spoon LSD) sold for £1700.

Approximate total cost of parts & mapping £7280.

I started shopping for new parts late 2008, I knew zero about Kswaps, only one I knew of was Mikes (RMotion), there were no used Kswap parts bar taking a chance on an engine/box. Majority of parts bought in UK so no import duties.
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Kswap done by local garage in london

Super low budget build

This is from memory and prices will be approximates

Doner type r bought for £2250
Made back approx £1000 from parts not needed(could have been more but dad wanted his driveway back lol)
Labour £900 including custom mounts + harness + shafts
Kpro - £700
Hybrid racing fuel rail + tucked lines + AEM FRP - £360
Full exhaust system by solid fab - £900
Dc5 shifter + cables - £150
Karcept style plate - £70 - tegiwa

Thats all i can remember really...

Havent had it mapped yet, so will be an extra £300
As a Sponsor/Vendor on the site, I figured I would chime in since Hybrid Racing is a K-series specific company...

The pricing is really based off what you want and what your budget can allow. The pricing has adjusted over the years, and also varies if you want new or used parts. I will post some pricing (sorry for US dollar amount) to give you an idea of a round-about pricing on what I deal with daily for the average customer.

Mounts: $400-500
Axles: $200-1500
Conversion harness: $350
Fuel system: $160-550 (tucked or standard)
Header: $350-1200
AC/PS delete: $175-240
AC/PS retained: $350-600
HR bolt in shifter: $380
HR cables: $350
Radiator setup: $79-700
Kpro: $995-1300
Intake: $160-225

Obviously, that does not include the motor, trans, throttle body, sensors, engine/charge harnesses, etc. That is just the swap parts. Of course there is more that I am missing, but nothing that is super pricey. If you want more info on the K-swaps click the link below and fill that out and it will give you a general idea on pricing and "How-To".


If you have any more questions feel free to PM me :)

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Here is my list and I haven't got everything yet!

Dss 2.9 shafts
Hybrid racing wiring harness
Hybrid racing fuel line kit
Hybrid racing fuel rail
Hybrid racing fuel pressure regulator
Hybrid racing fuel pressure gauge
Hybrid racing race manifold
Hybrid racing shifter cables
Hybrid racing shifter box
Hybrid racing power steering kit
Hybrid racing clutch line
Hybrid racing radiator hoses
Hybrid racing 70mm throttle body
Fd2 RRC intake manifold
Hybrid racing mounts. All in including import tax about £4000

Hybrid racing radiator and fan £400 off 9ers car
K20a and box £2600

I have a few more parts to get I also need a kpro. It's not cheap but il get there in the end lol
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This is the break down of my build,I bought a eg6 as a donner car which already had Kswop and charger,swapped rollin shell and mounts for new ek k mounts,shafts and harness.
Dropped off at Hond-r and was complete in 3 week,
There is some extras on list like wire tick,bay paint,bushes and lcas but this will give you a rough guide price when you supply most of the gear

Bonnet Stay Grommet £3.80
Bonnet Stay Holder Clip £1
Scuttle Panel Clips x9 £22
Non Aircon Delete Box £20(cash)
7m 4age Power Cable £31.50
Engine Bay Paint £300 (this includes paint and materials for free)
Fuel Filter £25
Pollen Filter £15
Ran Fan Tie Kit £12.50
Positive Battery Remote Post £17
Washer Pipe £10 (cash)
Wire Tuck Sundries £80 (cash)
Fuel Pump Fitting Kit £16
Front Discs £175
Front Pads £105
Function 7 Lca’s £220
Transmission Fluid £35
Brake Fluid £10 (cash)
Genuine Honda Coolant £14
Wiring Loom Fix £100 (cash)
Diff Bearings x2 £67
Buddyclub Front Camber Kit £145
98 Spec ITR Front Subframe, Steering Rack, LCA’S, Forks etc £350
Power Steering Delete £10 (cash)
Wire Tuck £350
Diff Labour £117.50
EG Bush Kit £150 (quite a few bits left over for you to sell)
EK Extra Bushes £30 (needed for spring locators and upper wishbones)(cash)
Clutch Release Bearing £41
Trailing Arm Bushes £40
Diff Shim £9.10
Braided Hoses £40 (cash)
Discs and Hub Machining £60 (cash)
Bushes, Suspension, Steering Rack, Brakes Labour £399.50
Swap Labour £1410
Exhaust System (air freight price) £645 (i’ll know if i can get this any lower tomorrow)
Tracking and Camber Setup £70
K20 Halfshaft £75
Rear Anti Roll Bar Drop Links £0 free
Swap and bay sundries £50
Rad Block off plate £10 (cash)
Exhaust Weld £30 (cash) (this may not be needed but won’t know till system is here tomorrow)
Total: £5291.90 (of which cash is £390)
Manifold and System -£450
Total: £4841.90
Hope this helps
Can we keep this thread to it's original purpose "Kswap members only thread - eg 1 post each - no junk/spam" discussion on parts prices etc can be done in another thread:nice:
Lost track of all the expenditures to date,but here goes what I remember:
Note: US dollars

K20a2 swap -2900 (came w/ fuel kit)
06 si trans w/ LSD -800
Comp 6 puck clutch/PP -340
Rbc manifold -140
Prb ecu -60
Kpro installed-875
Hasport conversion harness-260
Innovative Ekk2 mounts -350
EG manual subframe -200
Hybrid shifter -320
Hybrid intake -155
Hybrid chain tensioner-275
Hybrid speed converter -195 (for the 06 tranny I switched to)
Rcrew header -450
3" ebay exhaust piping -135
3" vibrant muffler -110

I've spent so much more money but, I have no regrets..k is the way
What people mostly forget is:
1.) You can sell your B18 and make back 2000 quid
2.) You're not only spending money on the engine but also on an after market header, intake, ECU, exhaust
3.) You're also spending money on brand new parts like engine mounts which give a good result compared to old mounts and cv joints, which means you don't have to replace them anytime soon.

So if you really want to make a good comparison, you take:
- a dyno of a B18 with the same mods as with a K20 swap
- a dyno of a K20 swap
- The price of your total K20 swap minus:
1. the money you'd get for your B18
2. the money you'd have to spend on your B18 to get an after market exhaust, header, intake, ECU and other after market goodies that you need for the k20 swap
3. the money you'd spend on new cv joints and engine mounts (perhaps I'm forgetting a few things here

When you do this, you will see the difference in power and torque vs the REAL difference in costs.
I've never really had a K Series before personally in my older Hondas.

How responsive, and how great do you think these motors are from the
traditional once popular known B Series ?

I just copped me a K24a1 complete block, and I'm learning about the K's as I go.
Ill be joining the Kswap team here in the next 2 weeks.
I went in on a ek4 for all the parts, shell remains with the buyer.

Here is a pic of the setup ill be swapping out from.
Yup RCrew work...:))
8000 USD
5200 GPB
That is for everything needed ECU.rad, subframe...long list. Labor included.

Basically its all sorted out on the old car, so it "should" be all good after the swap.
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Ill be joining the Kswap team here in the next 2 weeks.
I went in on a ek4 for all the parts, shell remains with the buyer.

Here is a pic of the setup ill be swapping out from.
Yup RCrew work...:))
8000 USD
5200 GPB
That is for everything needed ECU.rad, subframe...long list. Labor included.

Basically its all sorted out on the old car, so it "should" be all good after the swap.

Scrap that...lol