Lightweight DC2 K20 Build - Dyno Day Update!


Jun 7, 2011
Well, it has been a long time since I done a proper build thread.

Thought I would start one for my DC2 I recently bought as I am going to try make it a bit special as it will probably be my last build.

So as some of you know I have been here for a while, had a Jordan which I bought basically standard and turned it into a bit of a track toy :)

It broke my heart in doing so and I still regret it to this day but I burst the Jordan for parts and I bought an EP3 which was going to be a more sensible daily which was not going to be modified. Bought it standard and well... it ended up far from standard!

The car ended with everything bascially:

Genuine TE37
Drag Cartel Cams
Toda TB
RDX Injectors
BC Coilovers
Recaros SPGs
Carbon Bonnet
Ktuned, Spoon, DC5 gears, polybushing etc... The list goes on, so I ended up spending a fortune on the car and it goes extremely well as its a genuine 250bhp not a TDI North happy dyno "250" :p

BUT... it just doesn't drive like an older Honda, so I was left a bit disappointed after spending thousands and not loving the car as much as I thought. So I bought a house my my girlfriend which has a lovely big drive and a very nicely sized garage...

So I went and bought myself a 1997 JDM DC2 from my friend who was selling it at a price I couldn't refuse. The car is totally standard apart from Hondata S300 and being mapped by @Vtec6000

Got the car home after a 4 hour drive and put it in the garage

The car is a lightweight model so has no ABS or Aribags as standard, the powersteering has also been removed properly so it feels great to drive! Pulled the DC2 out the garage to meet the EP3 and give them their first and final bath together :)

I think we all know where this is now going... So I am going to be using the K20, gearbox and front brakes from the EP3. So the DC2 should go very well when it is finished with roughly 255-260bhp and a short ratio gearbox!

Time to crack on with the build. Engine out with the help of @RyanSi

Engine out in just under 1 and a half hours which is not bad.

Also, I will quickly add since the DC2 and EP3 will be off the road to become one car I had to buy a daily....

Of course it had to be a Honda :) what a great car for £200!

Engine and gearbox sold from the DC2 and off to their new owners to make way for the K20!

So as @Vtec6000 does all my mapping I had asked him a few questions about what parts to buy for certain areas of the build. First order placed with RHD Japan for a Sard FPR

This arrived in about 1 week from ordering which was excellent!

I have also got all the Kswap parts which I bought off @RyanSi from his EG which is all the best of stuff, Hasport mounts, Ktuned Billet Race Shifter, Ktuned Hoses, Harness etc... Which I will get photos of as we continue with the build :nice:

Next on my list was wheels as I am using the EP3 300mm brakes I needed some better wheels that standard and I always said I wanted 16s up front and 15s for the rear. My dream wheels for a DC2 have always been Spoon SW388. So as I was in no rush I was hoping to pick up a set in a couple of month and well... after looking on ebay for about 2 weeks I found a pair of 16 x 7 SW388!!

I instantly messaged the seller who also had a pair of 15 x 6.5 SW388 which he hasn't advertised as he was thinking about keeping them. We ended up texting for a day going back and forth working out a deal! In the end we agreed a price and I went down to Newcastle to collect the wheels and a fibreglass bonnet :D!

To say I am happy is an understatment!

Can't wait to crack on with the build, I also have a Genuine C-West front lip which will be going on once the car is finished.

Next on the list is strip the interior out and paint the whole inside of the car after I have took a grinder to all the brackets and excess metal. As the aim of the car will be track, 95% of the time it will only be used on track so will be getting a few fibreglass parts and built to go as quick as possible around track.

Hope you will all enjoy this build as much I will. Will update this with any progress on the build!
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Looking forward to seeing how this turns out. You going to cage it?
Awesome start to the new build

K-series DC2's are the perfect setup IMO so you won't be disappointed!

Looking forward to updates
Cheers everyone :)

Hopefully have some updates soon but have another little priority now.

Everyone say hello to Charlie :)

He is our little 8 week old Blue Staffy. So at the moment he has all my attention :D

Not forgot about the DC2 some parts should be with me soon!
Yesterday I collected 90% of my Kswap parts from @RyanSi

Will get better photos of everything soon!

Hasport mounts
Ktuned hoses for everything
Ktuned clutch line
Ktuned fuel set up
Ktuned conversion harness
Ktuned Race-spec Billet Shifter
DC5 Shifter Cables
Tractuff sump baffle
Skunk2 Radiator and more :)

Looking forward to getting this started now!
Looking forward to seeing this finished with man :nice:
looking forward to seeing this in person Logan it's going to be a monster also the wee dogs a cracker good luck with the build man hope all goes well
In for updates, Great build and interesting move from the DC2, Having come from a '99 JDM DC2 to an EP3 I can say the same.

However, The EP3 is good value for money when it comes to getting out on track (If things are kept relatively simple) and easy enough to live with, Will never feel quite like an old Integra though,
Sorry I have not updated this in a while been very busy with work recently and working on the car with any spare time.

So started stripping everything from the car!

Then took a grinder the engine bay to remove the driverside mount to allow for the Hasport mounts to be fitted.

Then while the car was apart I decided to rebush the whole car as it would be good to do it just now for future peace of mind. Also got a 3.5" Blox velocity stack and filter for my intake.

Next step was to finally remove my engine and box from my EP3

Then after 3 month of waiting for my manifold to be delivered it arrived :D ! It was on backorder from K-Tuned.

K-Tuned Big Tube Header, it is lovely!

So after grinding the mount off in the bay I gave it a quick paint, not amazing but it is good enough for me as the car will never be a show car :)

So we got round to rebushing the car, never took many pictures as it was an awful job :lol:

Then got the mounts in place :)

Engine and box sitting in place now

Also put my private plate on the car, should suit it well :)

Finally had a day of sunshine in Scotland and rolled the car out the garage for the first time in months! Was so good to see it back on 4 wheels and nearly complete!

K-Tuned Race Spec shifter all in place

Then back into the garage to finish it off :)

All fuel lines sorted, FPR, shafts, wiring and cables all done.

The intake is just a temp one at the moment, this will be sorted within a week. But yesterday it went for its 3" exhaust and a quick wash.

Took it a test drive and the car is an animal! Car is being mapped on 26th April by @Vtec6000 and I cannot wait!

After mapping it will be getting coilovers and all hardrace camber arms, toe arms etc... and some decent tyres, 300mm EP3 brakes and a trackday :)

So more updates to come over the next couple of month but I am prettt happy at the moment!

Spec of the car at the moment is:

Drag cartel cams
Rdx 410cc injectors
Ktuned fuel rail
Ktuned fuel lines
Ktuned fpr gauge
Ktuned Clutch Line
Ktuned Radiator conversion
Ktuned Coolant hoses
Ktuned Heater Hoses
Ktuned Conversion Harness
Hasport Mounts
Skunk2 Alpha Radiator
Tractuff Sump Baffle
Sard FPR
Walbro 255 Fuel Pump
70mm RBC
Toda Throttle Body
Custom 3.5" intake with velocity stack
Ktuned Big Tube Header
Full custom 3" exhaust
Ktuned Turn down backbox
Kpro v4

EP3 Gearbox
New synchros
New Hub Slider
DC5 4th, 5th & 6th gears
5.1 Final Drive
MFactory LSD

Full hardrace rebush
Hardrace droplinks, d bushes etc..

Genuine Spoon SW388 16x7 & 15x6.5

DC5 Cables
Ktuned Race Spec Billet Shifter
Buddyclub Rails
Recaro SPGs
Keys Racing Steering Wheel

Fibreglass bonnet
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Dame , That is some build you put together ! :rvm:
Godly stuff m8 !
I video when your haven fun in her would be very nice .
Looking great dude, a properly setup Kswap DC2 is a special car
Dame , That is some build you put together ! :rvm:
Godly stuff m8 !
I video when your haven fun in her would be very nice .

Thanks mate. Once its all finished I will get some videos!
Looking great dude, a properly setup Kswap DC2 is a special car

Cheers mate! Can't wait for Aonghus to tune it again and then do the suspension so I can enjoy it on track.

Gave it a little bit of vtec the other night as I couldn't resist and the pull off it is unreal :lol:
Some very quick progress, mine will probably take me years lol.
Good stuff though, K20 always looks best in the older chassis.
car looks awesome and even better with a K in it. I used hardrace when rebushing my SiR and it felt like a new car after, the rear lca's i found a nightmare to do!

did you save much by using the whole EP3 and selling what you didnt use?