Look what the cat dragged in


Oct 28, 2009
it's been a while since I posted but I thought I would share my happiness with you folks, I've been a Honda man for 10+ years and I've always talked about owning one and now I finally do, even if it is just to sell on. I've seen a few in the flesh now but this one just looked so much more beautiful being my own.
Anyway il stop yapping here's a quick picture, not the best quality but it was early morning and the car is completely iced up. The car sits really nice on works wheels and bilsteins.

Not off the trailer yet, but it does sound amazing, once it's been unloaded il get some pics up and a vid
If its a manual and in decent nick and under 30k let me know!! Haha
Haha u wud b lucky to get manual for less than 35-40k
Fingers crossed il have a manual later this year or next
They are...I also considered Ferrari 355s and they were 35k for a red uk manual. They're now 70!!

Its the new "investment car market" but the thing is I believe the values would fall out if we had another economic bump so I'm loath to haul too big a loan out on one.