Matt's 512bhp EK9 project

Small update, got the new suspension ready to fit, stripped it all down and copper slipped up all the threads on the shock body to prevent seizing. Just waiting for the rain to stop before I fit them.

Also started making a new bumper up with some added cooling holes for the radiator and the oil cooler, its still work in progress at the moment.

So it was Ten of the Best last weekend up at Elvington. Anyone who doesn't know what TOTB is, it was setup for tuning companies and owners clubs to take their 10 fastest cars and race them to see whos fastest! There's a handling course, 1/4 mile drag and top speed run, the higher up you finish the more points you score.

There's individual points and team points, our team name was Shedbuilt Racing lol! This was just a piss take as there's some serious motors and teams turn up, we were against JM Imports (running a 1000bhp lambo and a Ferrari 458 amongst it's other high end cars) the GTR owners club, get the jist! We had 4 Honda's, a Dax rush, Ford Granada, Pug 205, an EVO 6, a Clio 172 and a Supra.

Against all the odds.........WE WON!!

This was due to the fact we scored well in every discipline, to top it off individually @MadM1ke87 came 2nd overall and I came 10th! Not bad out of 128 drivers! I think we upset some big names by winning but hey ho lol!

The car ran brilliant all weekend,

Handling course: 9th 51.6
Drag: 6th 12.55@126mph
Top speed 7th 149mph standing half mile.

It was a brilliant 2 days worth of racing, my first ever time competing there and it's safe to say we'll be back next year to defend our crown!
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What's happened to all the pics????
I, like many others, used photobucket to upload pics. They have now decided they want $400 for us to carry on using this! Obviously none of is will be doing this so i now use the forum's own method of uploading pics.

The sad thing is many build threads and 'how to' guides are now ruined.
So a small update, now the powertrain side of things is sorted for the minute it's time to concentrate on other areas like chassis and cosmetics.

First off is a new front end that's slightly more track focused than the standard setup. Bought one of those rep jobbie front bumpers, a copy of a Mugen lip and some non genuine new wings. Searched high and low for a Chargespeed lip but couldn't get hold of one for months.

Cut some holes in the front to aid cooling, not having any cooling issues but it can only help now I've turned the power up? Also cut the lower grill out completely.

Started mocking up some canards that I'll eventually make out of ally.

Also ordered some Tracklife Composite fender cut-outs from the states, ordered the large carbon ones, they should be here in a couple of weeks! Once everything fits correctly I'll get it in the paintshop at work.

Pics of progress so far... (the teg is the look I'm going for)

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Plans sound good mate, I'm planning on ordering those cut outs too but wasn't sure whether to get the small or the large ones. will be good to see the large ones before hand and decide.
Plans sound good mate, I'm planning on ordering those cut outs too but wasn't sure whether to get the small or the large ones. will be good to see the large ones before hand and decide.
Well as soon as they come they're getting fitted so you'll see what the large ones are like pretty soon lol!
Not done much in the car since TOTB, I have been working on it though.

My wings, bumper and grill have gone for paint, my lip has been carbon dipped and the tracklife composite fender cut outs are stuck in customs lol!

I did pop up to one of my friends companies the other day, Schuband Autoworks/Norton Tuning Solutions and put my car on their corner weighting scales, to say I'd set the preload up by just measuring them so they were all the same it wasn't bad lol!

Also worth noting when The car was stock I weighed it and it came in at 1090kg. 11 years later, a turbo kit, bigger wheels and brakes, lighter seats, AC removed weighed the same lol!!