Matt's 512bhp EK9 project

Hi guys! So the tracklife composites fender cut-outs landed and I got my parts painted. Got the parts back on Wednesday and needed the new front end on for Trax at Silverstone on the Sunday so I got to work!

So with my brand new wings in hand I marked them out where to cut them in half! The instructions that came with the TL stuff were brilliant to be fair. With the wings now in half the top part was secured to the wing and the bottom half to the car. A little shimming was needed to get them to sit perfect but it does state this in the instructions. Once on i fitted the new bumper with all new fixings.


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After getting my car finished on Saturday I received a message that the guy I was meant to be going to Trax with wasn't going anymore! After a quick ring round I got a ticket for the Japshow finale at pod, unloaded the track tyres and loaded up the drag slicks:drive:.

On arrival at pod it was raining but it soon stopped so I put the slicks on, never run on drag slicks before so I didn't know what to expect. After having a chat with a few drag lads it was decided to basically bury the throttle on boost build and sidestep the clutch lol! The acceleration and grip is unreal!! I did 4 runs with a best of 11.4@123mph with a 60ft of 1.6 seconds, I was over the moon with this tbh!

It's a quick turn around for the car now as I'm doing a trackday on Saturday at blyton park!
So I haven't updated in a while, been very busy with the car and other things.

Less than 7 days later it was off to Blyton Park for my last trackday of the year. The car had a lot of new parts fitted since the last time it was on track (I'd done ten of the best but that's not really a track to test parts).

As we got there the track was a little damp from some overnight rain but it wasn't too bad, I went straight out after the sighting laps and the car felt good straight from the off! As the track dried up I could play with the new 3 way suspension and try and dial it in, the car was riding the curbs brilliantly by the end of the day and felt so good in the corners, power on steering was so good compared to before.

Sadly at about 3pm it rained, only a slight shower but enough to wet the track. I don't normally go out in the wet but I thought I'd give it a bash, so I headed out with my R888R tyres on! Tbh they're pretty good as long as there's no standing water.

I called it a day after this as light was fading and quit while you're ahead kinda thing.

The car ran faultlessly all day, and all year for a matter of fact so to say I'm happy with reliability is an understatement.

Sadly my memory card died in the gopro after the first 2 sessions but I managed to recover some footage.

looks quite "pointy" in the video. like it dives into a corner pretty well.
low boost in the first vid?
So it was now time to start the winter upgrades.

After fitting my new fender cut outs I felt my wheels looked a little lost in those big arches, also the semi slicks were a lot better in the wet than I thought they would be. This gave me an idea to sell my RPF1's and my Rota's and buy some new wider wheels and also just have 1 set with semi slicks On, I hardly use it on the road anymore so don't really need road tyres.

So I put my wheels up for sale, the Enkei's first as the car was still sat on the rota's, luckily they flew out the door so that was a good chunk of cash back for my new wheels.

At this point I had to decide what I could get in either a 7.5j or 8j for the front, and 7j or 7.5j for the rear. After hours of searching I narrowed it down to either some TE37's, CE28's or some Advan RG's, the search was On!
looks quite "pointy" in the video. like it dives into a corner pretty well.
low boost in the first vid?
Yeah it's lost the understeer I have always suffered with, very happy with how its changed the car.

Yeah low boost on both vids, 1.4bar. I did run high boost in the afternoon but no footage sadly.
thought so, sounds like my car does in my videos lol
top notch suspension really worth it then?
thought so, sounds like my car does in my videos lol
top notch suspension really worth it then?
Early days at the minute but if blyton is anything to go on then YES! Car just felt better all round, so smooth too. Body roll felt less, maybe that's because I've upped the spring rates though.
The guys over at Apex Performance give me a helping hand with parts so for the winter a nice Hardrace package was sent out to me, this included every bush/joint and arm from the catalogue that I don't already have.

I didn't really fancy doing all the chassis work outside on the drive so after a few phonecalls I scored some space in my mates unit. He does vehicle wrapping (very well might I add) So the workshop is very clean, ideal for storage and working on the 9. We agreed on a price and then I moved in!