Mugen CL1 Euro-R

Was wondering where this car went to.lovely motor.good to see it being looked after and not wrecked by some cowboy over here (ireland).
Nice mate, when was it imported to Ireland from Japan?

I sold my CL1 2 weeks ago, the buyer flew over from Ireland to buy mine and preferred to buy from here than over there with a lot of them being sheds
Update time , nothing special ...

So took the car round to the lads at Automek in Glasgow a week or so back. replaced and fixed the following.

- Uprated Timing and Counter Balance Shaft Belt (Gates)
- H23 Manual Tensioner Conversion
- Water Pump
- Valve Clearances inspected ( All within, no Adjustment required )
- Previous owner made a mess of sealing up an oil leak around the sandwhich plate so some new seals and a bit of hondabond sorted it.
- Remove , degrease and weld the small crack on the sump and seal it all back up. a hamp shortie and some fresh Millers Nanotec 10/40.
- Fresh Honda MTF3
- Replace the clutch fluid

All that out the way the car feels somewhat better changing gear but could just be a placebo, other than that you wouldnt know £800 in parts and labour has just been pumped into it. but now have piece of mind which is what matters.

So got the car back and there was a few jobs i could do on the car and not have to pay anyone to do.

First up was to replace the shafted gearbox mount. it was causing some crazy movement under harsh acceleration so it needed changed sooner rather than later.
got a hold of one from a breaker, didnt fancy paying £120 From Honda for the replacement.


Upon removal i noticed the metal bracket was different on the base. so me having the worst luck i thought it was best to use the original, probably would have been fine but knowing if i did use the new one it would somehow have given me some grief.

Next up was to investigate severe hesitation through 3k to 4k. Obviously the EGR Valave and plate needing cleaned out, safe to say it did, the amount of reek was unholy.
i had a gig to go to later on that day so aslong as i got rid of most of the crap clogging it all up i was happy and will go back to it soon.
After some carb cleaner thrown at it, still not 100% on all these parts.

Best for last, don't think ive seen a plate this choked.

Noticed a difference straight away, even on the turn of the key. It still feels like its holding back, not as much but still noticeable. I will get back to this real soon and spend some time getting these parts immaculate.
Awesome ride!! I am real envy at you guys with rhd cars. You got some great cars that the lhd market never did!

Euro R with mugen kit is just gorgeous.

Recently Stripped some of the car off to get ready for the winter months, giving important sections a clean and good coat of POR15 Such as the arches and sills.

One from my instagram - Kuruu_san

Plan next is to get the rest of the car undersealed on a ramp and sort out a few sections of paint.
Class CL1 man. Looks well with the Mugen parts and wheels!

Purchased some coilovers to replace the Mugen shocks. I didnt want to sacrifice the comfortable ride so went with the Tein basics for some decent adjustabilty and hopefully a little bit more stiffness. I will swap these over in the spring. Also sourced a Swift rear ARB from a CL7. looking under my friends CL9 the rear subframe assembly is pretty much identical as is the roll bar, £35 for the bar so not a total loss if it doesnt fit.

Also had the car fully undersealed and a Geo Adjustment on the camber and the toe needed put back in a tad.
The car has been spot on apart from needing a new 02 sensor and the inevitable happened to one of those chocolate rotas, slightly cracked that is causing the tyre to loose some pressure every few days. i knew it would happen at some point so next is a legit set of 17'' Advan RG's in 8.5'' or 9'', not going to be the easiest find.
Lovely car man.

Trying to work out where in Edinburgh you are from the pics lol
Ah that'll be why I couldn't place it. Need to get an Edinburgh meet organised for the spring.
Tasty looking car! Would be good to see it at some shows this year
Just stumbled across this when doing a search for mugen bits and I'm the new owner of this particular car, recently purchased it from Rod. I'll be continuing with the tidy up and mods on this so I'll either carry on this thread or start a new build thread at some stage. I've already done quite a lot to the car in my 9 days of ownership and I've been taking photos along the way, so watch this space. :)