Mugen EF9 JTCC Themed Replica

b18c civic

Feb 12, 2012
Here is a small history of my 1990 ef9 civic and some pictures. The car is currently a project car so there are bits been added to it when ever i gather some money.

The car was originally a factory polar white colour NH-512. Car was resprayed and decaled to suit the 1990 mugen JTCC ef9 theme.

Quick specifiction
Grade 3.5 Ef9 with only 120kms
Mugen Decal set
Mugen Mr5's- 14", 6.5jj, 4x100's
L.S.D. box
Kakimoto exhaust system
Rear upper strut
Y56 yellow rocker cover
Aftermarket induction kit

Here she sits for now. Have some parts gathered still to fit and will be updating as much as I can


What a brilliant car you have built there mate ! Love it. Can't wait to see the updates and such. :)
Great job, really good to see something a bit different. keep up the good work.
Looks awesome man, really does. Needs a fixed bucket though :nice:
so this is where it went

i was soo tempted to buy this when it was up for sale a few weeks back

and it was up for peanuts too

a theme not to everyones taste but i fricking ove it
thanks for all the good comments everybody. They are really appreciated. Will try get more pics up at the weekend :)
Love EF's and this looks spot on mate :nice: